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Jupiter and Venus and The Tree of Life (Movie Roulette #7)

I have always been been kind of obsessed with stars. At night we can see thousands of celestial objects, larger than our world and more distant than I can comprehend. 2,677 more words


Guardians of the Galaxy and Marvel’s terrible attitude to death

Heroism used to be about one person laying down their life to save many, now it doesn’t matter if thousands die as long as the hero survives. 475 more words


Taking Calvary seriously

This post contains ‘major’ spoilers, and should not be read by anyone who plans to see Calvary but has not done so yet.

Calvary (John Michael McDonagh), although it contains comedic elements, is a film that seems to want to be taken seriously.   2,588 more words


My Calvary

The Village Voice gave its review of Calvary the ludicrous title “Brendan Gleeson Forces Us to Care About His Catholic Priest in Calvary,” which reads like a loosely translated American movie title in China. 517 more words

World's End (2013) - Fuck Geek Culture for Making Me a Millionaire

The World’s End may be a shit film but at least it is full of bitterness and self-recrimination. The roots of that bitterness reach all the way back to the late 1990s when the writers of… 2,847 more words


"The One I Love" puts Kafka in the guest house

Elisabeth Moss and Mark Duplass are exquisite as a couple in marriage counseling trying to work through an incident of infidelity in “The One I Love.” Through silly exercises and talk therapy, their doctor (Ted Danson) tries to help them reanimate their romance. 449 more words