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Go Further.

This is going to sound like a hell of an opening gambit for this review but in the 2 years so far of me being a film critic, Interstellar is probably the most I’ve ever been disappointed by a film. 1,505 more words

Mankind Is Yet To Recognize My Genius

RIP Charles Champlin - LA Times arts editor, critic

For 26 years Charles Champlin informed me about art and primarily film.  You can learn something about the world of art from the obituary of a man like him; he covered it all. 15 more words


Blunt Reviews Presents: X-Men Days of Future Past

A prime example of a shambles I should dislike but I can’t. The cast is really what holds this film together, the story certainly can’t. It’s clunky and there’s inevitably plot holes but it maintains a coherent structure to an extent. 63 more words


This Week We Read: 16/11/14

Hello there you charming scoundrel, it’s time for another This Week We Read.

In case you’re new to these, each week I ask a group of peers, colleagues and strangers to share with you between three to five articles they read over the previous seven days. 1,408 more words

This Week We Read

Blunt Reviews Presents: Cloud Atlas

A film consisting of lots of characters, and yet ironically no character. It’s a hollow motion picture with a clichéd multicolour splattering of future technology and a dull glimpse in to the past. 55 more words


Blunt Reviews Presents "The Great Gatsby (2013)"

It’s like you’re listening to a book tape of the novel that it being read by Mr T, so every word is being rammed down your throat and pushed through your eye sockets. 59 more words


Introducing: "Blunt Reviews" the latest section of "Adam Lester."

As regular readers will no doubt know, when I talk about films I tend to ramble. I can hold my hands up and say that when I get passionate about a film I can talk about it for a long time, regardless of whether my writing is still interesting or not. 371 more words