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Peter Jackson and the danger of peril

I watched the final Hobbit film, The Battle of the Five Armies (Dir: Peter Jackson, 2014), recently. Here’s a short review: It’s terrible.

Here’s a slightly longer review: It’s really, really terrible. 383 more words

Film Criticism

Spiders and Fascism

Okay, so today we’re going to talk about ‘Enemy’, but I need to lay something on you first. I am probably going to accidentally be spoiling a lot of the movie for you. 1,026 more words

Mankind Is Yet To Recognize My Genius

Big Brother is watching in "Citizenfour"

The image of Edward Snowden the NSA would like to promote is that of a reckless, unpatriotic scoundrel whose actions jeopardized national security.

Laura Poitras’ documentary, “Citizenfour,” had cameras rolling on Snowden before the public knew who he was. 348 more words


Pulp Fiction - Opening Scene Analysis

So I’m applying for a university right now and one of the interview task that we have to do is either a short film or an essay, if not both and one of the universities that I applied for requires “A 200-300 word analysis of the opening or title sequence”. 335 more words


Good Movies are Good Movies: What's Race [or politics] Got to Do With It?

Last weekend I went to see “The Imitation Game” and it’s a terrific film. Benedict Cumberbatch does a terrific job portraying Alan Turing, the often forgotten  hero of WWII who cracked the Nazi transmission code thus saving millions of lives and shortening the war by an estimated two years while practically inventing the computer in the process. 2,181 more words


QUIET IN THE BACK! #32: "The Rest of the Best of 2013 (Part 3 of 4)"


>ON WE GO, with part three of four, of the 4-star and 4 1/2 -star films I saw in 2014:

A PLACE AT THE TABLE… 17,466 more words

Kevin Keelan

The genius who was a love machine in "The Theory of Everything"

Stephen Hawking’s life is worthy of a good biopic. “The Theory of Everything” hits on a couple of nice ideas and a whole lot of predictable, biopic-y ones. 484 more words