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Shouting from Underneath Plymouth Rock (Top Five, Chris Rock)

6.75 out of 10

Chris Rock’s Top Five is all about the experience of a rich black man, which, if we’re paying attention, makes the film autobiographical, and in a way that both serves and detracts from it. 825 more words

Film Criticism

"The Interview" Makes Americans Look Like Assholes

And Sony was right in choosing not to release it.

*smile and lightly applauds to see unfunny and overhyped (i.e. Rogan/Franco), and not to mention creepy (mainly Franco), white boys fail miserably in their endeavors* 252 more words

Cultural Criticism

Can you name 10 films that changed your life?

The end of the year is just about on us. Some movie lovers are considering the best or their favorites films of this year. A lot of people ask year-end questions (i.e., which of this year’s movies were the “best;” which of this year’s movies made the most money; which of those movies were your favorites?) but I find the less routine, less annual, and less common ones the most interesting. 957 more words


Is Die Hard a Christmas Film?

Die Hard (1988, John McTiernan)

Most Christmas films are awful. Most films in general are awful, so it’s not surprising. But are the good ones, the ones actually worth your time, even Christmas films at all? 533 more words

Film Criticism

Blunt Reviews Presents: 21 Jump Street

I like the film, I think it is half funny, but it is largely overrated. I’ve grown to dislike it more because of how much people talk about it and quote it. 67 more words


Blunt Reviews Presents: Maleficent

Take the story of Sleeping Beauty, turn it inside out then kick it through the film Avatar. That’s Maleficent. A dull, unimaginative film that lacks substance, answers questions no one ever asked and presents a lead character that needs to make their mind up. 57 more words


Manakamana (Stephanie Spray and Pacho Velez, 2014)

Stephanie Spray and Pacho Velez’s documentary/avant-garde/film feature Manakamana is an unusual movie. Obscure, demanding and requiring a large degree of patience, the film will undoubtedly alienate some audiences. 1,123 more words