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Roger & Me

This piece was inspired by Steve James’ moving documentary Life Itself, which I watched via Amazon’s Video On Demand service earlier this week. What follows is not exactly a review. 1,114 more words


Life itself: Save Yourself the Aisle Seat---Movie

Life itself” is the powerfully sad and inspirational documentary about film critic, Roger Ebert. Based on Ebert’s 2011 memoir of the same name, “Life Itself” is directed by… 540 more words


Movies are Life Itself

Throughout the touching and surprisingly heavier than expected bio-doc of Roger Ebert, the editors intersplice narrated snippets from some of his most potent reviews along with the inevitable scenes of arguments with Gene Siskel from their classic TV show I grew up watching.  600 more words


A Thank You Letter to the Mess that was Eragon,

By Joe Strange

To Whom It May Concern 

To whoever is responsible,

Imagine the scene; you’re 14 years old; enthusiastic, naive, trusting to a fault. For your birthday you receive a book, this book is about dragons and swords and magic and, considering you love Harry Potter you devour it. 743 more words


The critical phase for film critics

“It does not have moments that stay with you.”

“You better carry saridon while seeing this”

Yes! You guessed it right. It is another Friday and the film critics are gearing up for what they are best known for- spitting venom on the fate of a movie or weaving a new hierarchy of glory for the entire team behind the movie. 512 more words

Indrani Singha Blog

What killed the film critic?

The writing is on the wall, but we are still turning our faces away and pretending that we haven’t noticed it.  Since we are still living in denial mode, I don’t mind being the one to spell it out loud and clear —  818 more words