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‘One still tends to think of film as related to literature (by reason of narrative content) and painting (by reason of visual composition); the analogies with music are at least as important, film having, unlike the novel, a direct effect on the senses and, unlike painting, a fixed duration in time.’┬áRobin Wood


The Blog Day 1

Hello fellow internet users! So I’m very new to this whole blogging thing so I guess I’ll just jump right in and see how it goes. 114 more words


Remembering Mork

Remembering Mork

A Tribute to Robin Williams

From his appearance as an unknown on Happy Days in February of 1978 guest starring as Mork the Alien until his tragic and untimely death yesterday, Robin Williams became a part of American culture. 907 more words

Dan Burjoski On Film

Marketing Ambition and the failure of Boyhood

“Do yourself a favor and go see ‘Boyhood.'”

This was a message I received recently from someone close to me, and frankly it was a message that kind of surprised me. 691 more words

Brandon Benarba

Mark Kermode and my familiar moments of boredom

Recently, having sated myself with several boredom busters (online pornography, junk food and computer games), I found myself browsing that symbol of modern day ennui: You Tube. 530 more words

The Culturepreneur

Roger & Me

This piece was inspired by Steve James’ moving documentary Life Itself, which I watched via Amazon’s Video On Demand service earlier this week. What follows is not exactly a review. 1,114 more words