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Share the Four top runners vision for the Road to Sparta Documentary

Four runners, one goal Sparta!

Athens, Greece Film

The past and present of an ancient race dating back to 490BC is the subject of a new short film whose makers are seeking €15,000 in crowdfunding to get from the road to the silver screen. 412 more words


New in Theaters: Nick Cave is Still Alive in '20,000 Days on Earth'

20,000 Days on Earth is a meta-fictional documentary about Nick Cave, art, life, death, and above all writing. It’s beautiful and transfixing and is opening in limited release this Wednesday. 152 more words

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New in Theaters: 'The Green Prince'

Wars aren’t fought just by armies and weapons. They also need intelligence, which requires spies, who often need to betray everyone around them. It’s a tricky business. 157 more words

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Shiitake Mushroom Log

Having a nature girl moment, here!

Grow your own Shiitake Mushroom log for endless supplies of mushrooms. Loving this organic and sustainable attitude starting to trend in sourcing home grown ingredients. 45 more words

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New in Theaters: 'Take Me to the River'

Memphis’s deeply knotted influence on American music gets a timely celebration in the new documentary Take Me to the River, opening this Friday in limited release and then later around the country. 154 more words

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New in Theaters: 'Last Days in Vietnam' Revisits the End of a Mistake

No wars end gracefully; some end more tragically than others. That truism is elegantly dramatized in the wrenching documentary Last Days in Vietnam, which opens tomorrow in limited release. 156 more words

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New in Theaters: A Stroll Through 'Memphis'

Musician Willis Earl Beal ambles and agitates through Memphis in this half-film and half-art performance piece that feels like something Jim Jarmusch might have done if he’d never left town after shooting  142 more words

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