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Should the Tribeca Film Festival Focus Ditch Fiction Films?

Indiewire posted an interesting proposition today. Author Anthony Kaufman stated that maybe TIFF should drop it’s fiction films because there are few breakout hits, and the best content at the festival are typically the documentaries. 162 more words


March Happy Hour: Sol

Our March Happy Hour features the Seattle-based hip hop artist, Sol. Through his own story, Sol will demonstrate how artists can use an effective web presence to connect with fans and enhance an artist brand. 93 more words

Kickstart East End Film Festival 2014!

Its not just filmmakers who are turning to crowdfunding, film festivals need your support too.

You can donate as little as £1 to £1000 and every little really will help EEFF and secure a truly independant festival. 200 more words


Robert Redford Explains the 'Sundance Effect'

Back in 1978, Actor and Director Robert Redford attended a humble event in Salt Lake City called “The United States Film Festival.” There, he found himself in a theatre with maybe four other people, watching a small movie that looked like it was made in someone’s garage on weekends. 96 more words

Niagara Integrated Film Festival (NIFF) opens June 2014

Wine, food and film come together to create unique a cinematic experience. TIFF co-founder, Bill Marshall, presents the inaugural Niagara Integrated Film Festival (NIFF) June 19-22, 2014. 137 more words

Point Of Interest

12 steps to becoming a film festival god

Film festivals can go in one of two ways- they can be the experience of a lifetime, or they can be a complete letdown. Which way it ends up is up to you. 987 more words



As I’m hopping round Manhattan try to cram as much Tribeca Film Festival goodness as possible into each 24-hour day, keep an eye on the  25 more words