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Film Friday #51

Another round of trailers have made their appearance onto YouTube and the likes. Enjoy :)



Film Friday: My favourite little penguin!

2006 brought one of my favourite ever films and of which I am not ashamed to admit.  Happy Feet (1 or 2) is a film I will never get tired of watching!!  424 more words


Film Friday #50

We have the image of Ian McKellen as 93 year old Sherlock Holmes.

In this film we will see Sherlock, now with a deteriorating mind, look back at old cases and attempt to solve the unsolved. 75 more words


Film Friday #49

Pixar. You know it right? An animation studio churning out feature films and winning awards left, right and centre.

Pixar have made a grand total of 14 feature films and according to Google and Wiki they have been nominated for 211 awards and have won 210. 240 more words


Film Friday - Power

This week on Film Friday, I explore the power of nature in the form of the super volcano.

Film Friday

Those clichéd car chases

In the cinema they were fun at the time, but where do you start? Bullitt, The Italian Job (the original not the remake), The French Connection, The Bourne Identity, The Parallax View, Thelma and Louise, Duel, Ronin… 47 more words


Film Friday #48

Tina Fey and Amy Poehler. When you see their names together a few things might come to mind: The Golden Globes, SNL, Mean Girls, Baby Mama. 111 more words