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The Sphynx From 'The 10 Commandments' Has Been Unearthed 91 Years Later

Back in the day, they didn’t have things like “CGI” and “special effects.” If a script called for, say, a giant sphynx, you had to build that sphynx. 445 more words

Film Drunk

Read About Pola, Reflect About Pola, Dream About Pola.

What are a few books on which to read about the unheralded Queen of Silent Pictures, Pola Negri?  (Nobody asked, but I’m offering anyway).  Who has the skinny?   658 more words


Film History 1895 - 1915

- 1985 – Beginning of films being publicly shown (mainly in france and germany)

Lumière Brothers  (orginally photographers) – considered 1st filmmakers

Film History

This Day in Disney History October 16th

1903-Disney Legend Hamilton Luske is born.

1923-Margaret Winkler signs a contract with Walt Disney to distribute the Alice Comedies.

Walt Disney Productions begins as a company and will eventually become the Walt Disney Company incorporating Disney, ABC, ESPN, Jack Wrather, Muppets, Pixar, Marvel Comics and Lucasfilm. 82 more words


The Criminal

Coming just before director Joseph Losey acquired international renown, The Criminal (aka Concrete Jungle) might best be described as half genre film, half art film. 473 more words


This Day in Disney History October 9th

1942-Goofy cartoon The Olympic Champ is released.

1957-Television show The Saga of Andy Burnett: Andy’s First Chore airs.

1959-Part 2 of Television show Moochie of the Little League… 98 more words


Advise and Consent

No one would (or at least, should) mistake the hyped up dramatics in Advise and Consent for a realistic depiction of the workings of the US Senate. 470 more words