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An introduction to what could become a mammoth blog

I’ve always appreciated the cinematic art, relishing that feeling of awe that can strike you in the hour or so after watching something truly special. Of course many of these moments etch their way permanently into my memory, but many do not, and recently I came upon  the realisation that many truly great moments in film history have probably been lost in the depths of my mind. 330 more words

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Film Analysis: "Godzilla"

“The arrogance of man is thinking nature is in their control and not the other way around.” Dr. Ichiro Serizawa  

Besides stomping all over the arrogance of man, the king of all monsters also managed to crush box office competition with a towering worldwide gross of over $200 million in less than five days. 1,524 more words

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Decadent America: The Roaring Twenties!

Watching this video I was reminded that some things never change. Progressives trying to build a better country while others, threatened by change, desperately cling to the past. 6 more words

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This Day in Disney History September 19th

1927-Oswald the Lucky Rabbit cartoon Oh, Teacher is released.

1952-Mickey Mouse cartoon Pluto’s Party is released.

1956-Television show The Great Cat Family airs.

1965-Television series… 119 more words


This Day in Disney History September 17th

1932-Mickey Mouse cartoon The Whoopee Party is released.

1954-Animated short Once Upon a Wintertime from Melody Time is released.

1961-Television series Follow the Sun premieres on ABC. 134 more words


Imitation of Life (1959)

Of all the major dramatic genres, domestic melodrama is the most corrupt and corrupting. It encourages mindless empathic responses to situations contrived purely to excite our sense of rectitude. 448 more words


The Film Manifesto

I’ve written a little introduction to the film manifesto as a form that’s been with us from the days of early cinema. Individuals and groups, from the Lars van Trier to the Pope have taken the manifesto road, more or less, to champion their vision for the cinema. 77 more words

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