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Sneak Peek: "A Creature of Flame and Desire," Chapter 2.

Chapter Two: The Peculiar Predicament of Pola’s Public Perception

In his book, An Evening’s Entertainment: The Age of the Silent Feature Picture, 1915-1928, author Richard Kozarski states that “Negri’s place in American film history has never been adequately evaluated.” I concur with that assessment. 382 more words

Pola Negri

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So, who wants to read more about this here Pola Negri (seen here in the lost 1924 film, “Men”)?.  Who wants a sneak peek at Chp. 7 more words

On-line resources for research on silent movies.

While researching Pola Negri’s life and career for my biography of her, “A Creature of Flame and Desire,” I discovered a few interesting web sites that from which I gleaned a great deal of information.   363 more words

Story Unchained (Pulp Fiction)

Pulp Fiction has been analyzed more times than Goethe. The film is one of the most celebrated films of the modern era, but the film stands in more of a postmodern frame of mind. 202 more words

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Okie Dokie Computer (Toy Story)

Pixar is one of the premier animation studios in the business today. Toy Story represents the company’s first foray into the feature-length animated films. The movie stands as a pivotal moment in film history, since it marked the beginning of computer animation as a serious form of entertainment and storytelling. 181 more words

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Think Bank (Inception)

Inception has, on the surface, a complex plot, but when one breaks down the storyline, it’s actually quite simple. The layers of the story amount to the plight of one man and how he desperately tries to overcome his past and move on. 144 more words

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