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Dasari Fire on Film Industry

Dasari Fire on Film Industry

బెబ్బులి పులి మ‌ళ్లీ గాండ్రించింది. అస‌లు ఆయ‌న గాండ్రించ‌డం కోస‌మే.. అలా చిన్నా, చిత‌కా ఫంక్ష‌న్ల‌కూ హాజరైపోతుంటార‌ని ఇండ్ర‌స్ట్రీలో……………Read More………

The Arab Observer interviews Yanal Kassay

When they mentioned the film and Naji, there was a silence that came over all of us. We weren’t sure if we’d heard correctly. And then we started yelling and cheering.

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How McDonalds Broke the Canadian Film Industry

Canada’s film industry is going through a tough time, and it’s all thanks to a bank and two fast food joints.

When people hear the words “film industry”, they normally think of Hollywood, of movie stars, and studios cranking out movie after movie on the back lot.  973 more words


How To Fail in Hollywood

I work with a lot of actors and even more wannabes in Hollywood. I can tell you that the actors who end up moving back to Kansas almost always do the following: 579 more words


A step in the right direction for the South African film industry: Spud 3

The movie “Spud 3 (Learning to Fly)” will be released in South African cinemas on the 28th of November, 2014. I am quite excited for this as I believe that the first and second films were a major success. 126 more words


Greening the Silver Screen

Until this assignment, I had never thought about the environmental impact of the film industry. But of course, there is an environmental impact from most everything we do, and the making of a film is no exception. 917 more words

Are books and films getting too perdictibel or is it just me?

Before I start, I would like to say that I am a colossal film fanatic. Ever since I was a little nipper all things books, films and theatre captivated me. 407 more words