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Christopher Nolan, Interstellar and Conservative Aesthetics

Warning: the following post contains Interstellar spoilers.

First off, I think Christopher Nolan is a brilliant, brilliant filmmaker. Not only that, but he is (as strange as it might sound) a very visual filmmaker, someone who delights in imagining ‘ 1,281 more words

Interview: Gouri Dutt

via platform magazine

As a kid, Gouri Dutt didn’t know much about her iconic grandparents, Guru and Geeta Dutt. She grew up in Pune and her father always tried to keep their family away from the film industry. 207 more words

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Downey Jr. Makes a Switch

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Robert Downey Jr., the American actor, considers himself apart of the Republican Party. In 2008, Robert flew to the Twin Cities to attend a Republican National Convention. 173 more words

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Dear Nollywood ... A Love Letter

Dear Nollywood,

How are you? It’s been a while since we hooked up on here, hasn’t it? Forgive me, I’ve been occupied with a bunch of personal stuff. 948 more words


How Film's Of The Past Are Made Attractive to Contemporary Audiences

As a new generation dominates the film audiences, modern films have become increasingly more popular than classics made in the past. But modern technology has slowly made films of the past more accessible to contemporary audiences, particularly through the internet, and therefore more attractive to this generation. 534 more words


Americans Getting Dual Citizenship To Use Canada’s Production Tax Incentives | Deadline

Interesting side effect of measures to strengthen the Canadian film and television industry:

Dual residency has become a popular way for American filmmakers to find work with producers who get tax breaks when they hire Canadians.

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Gamergate part II - An analysis of the videogames industry

First here is the dossier on videogames journalism presented by the Gamergate movement, or at least by part of it.

Second, I would like to remind anyone who is reading this that I am approaching the topic assuming that everyone involved is being utterly sincere. 966 more words