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New endorsement for my Alexander Payne book from James Marshall Crotty

My Alexander Payne book has received a lovely new endorsement.  It’s from James Marshall Crotty, an Omaha native who’s made quite a name for himself as a journalist and author.   131 more words


TAKE DANCE Premieres "Dark Mourning"

Choreographer Take Ueyma and dancer Ginna Ianni of TAKE Dance chat with The Dance Enthusiast about their upcoming performances at Peter Norton Symphony Space.

Watch the video interviews… 6 more words


Storyboard P Gearing Up for Beat Festival 2013 #DanceUpClose

Meet Street Dancer Extraordinaire Storyboard P

Storyboard P flows like liquid; his form fills imaginary beakers, bottles and boxes. Soft angles and sharp curves meet in unfathomable ways. 30 more words


Figment Festival: Outdoor Dance on Governors Island with Shandoah Goldman

Fairy Tale Memories of Summer

SHANDOAH GOLDMAN Talks Fairy Tales and Zodiac In Her Newest Immersive Dance-Theater Installation for Figment Festival: the FAIRYTALE PROJECT. 65 more words


Flying With Grounded Aerial's Karen Fuhrman

The Dance Enthusiasts Wonders What It’s Like to Fly

Read an interview with Karen Fuhrman, Founder of Grounded Aerial, and watch a sneak peek of the company’s upcoming performance here.


The Dance Enthusiast Asks The Ailey School

The Dance Enthusiast Asks The Ailey School Dancers: What is it like to be a Dancing Horse?

An Interview with dancers Samantha Vastine and Irving Amigon at Grand Central Station. 86 more words


A Brief Hiatus, Maybe

As it may seem for the last 6 months or so of writing this blog I’ve been taking a quote-unquote brief hiatus, but instead of it being from odd stress here and there and writer’s block this new hiatus is because of no internet access. 88 more words

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