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Chris Marker: In Memory of Sound

In film, there is the general consensus that you can’t always trust what you are shown. Although the direct representation of an image seems to be aligned with reality, it is more often than not subject to manipulation. 913 more words

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Film music events coming up in London

I have discovered an amazing website which lists all film music concerts happening around the world – if one you know about isn’t listed it’s because someone hasn’t told them (it’s crowdsourced), so tell them! 1,531 more words

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April freebie - academic journal for film music makes content #openaccess

It’s the University of Liverpool Press’ birthday and they’ve decided to make their journals free during April. I heard of this because I’m on the… 585 more words

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FUGA - Arturo Díez Boscovich

Original Review by Alan Rogers

Written and directed by Spanish film-maker Juan Antonio Espigares, Fuga is a multi-award winning animated film that tells the story of Sara, a young girl who arrives at the Saint Cecilia Conservatory to pursue her dream of becoming a concert violinist. 1,260 more words


The Sender (Trevor Jones)

Released in 1982, The Sender was a paranormal fantasy that had the misfortune of opening in perhaps the best year for fantasy cinema of all time. 394 more words

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26th April 2014 - Cinema in Symphony 2: The Sequel, at South Hill Park, Bracknell

Saturday 26th April, 7.30pm at South Hill Park, Bracknell, Cinema in Symphony 2: The Sequel

with the Reading Symphony Orchestra

The Reading Symphony Orchestra will play many classic themes from original film soundtracks, including… 100 more words

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TO MIKRO PSARI - Babis Papadopoulos

Original Review by Alan Rogers

To Mikro Psari (Το Μικρο Ψαρι) (literally translated as “Little Fish” but released under the title “Stratos”) is a Greek crime drama co-written and directed by Yannis Economides. 740 more words