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'ScarJo in the Shell'

“A few weeks ago, word shimmied down the digital grapevine that Hollywood has cast the lead role in its adaptation of the Ghost in the Shell manga, and brace yourself: she’s white. 91 more words

Film Musings

THE HOBBIT, Thorin Oakenshield, & Peter Jackson

“Of all the bad production decisions made in Peter Jackson’s loose adaptation of The Hobbit – gross overuse of CGI, check-list fan service, and a few instances of comically bad casting – the worst by far has been franchising. 55 more words

Film Musings

Merry Christmas, Anxiety!

“These past weeks, the Sony hacking scandal—the single weirdest movie news item of my lifetime, and that’s counting the time WB hired Jesse Eisenberg to play Lex Luthor—evolved from a mere social embarrassment for the studio, to a damper on their bottom line, to a serious threat to the safety of both their employees and their audiences. 42 more words

Film Musings