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The Dame With The Stems That Went On For Days

She could tell a lie way better than I could ever spit out the truth.

That’s why I always wanted her near me.

They tell ya to keep your friends close, and your enemies closer, but when I was just starting out in this biz, a wise man told me: “Find a good liar and put her on the payroll”. 495 more words


Film Review: Brick

Am now officially going overboard with the posts today, I agree.

One word summary: Unexpected

One sentence summary: After being contacted by his ex-girlfriend, slick talking high school student Brendan is drawn into a true, modern who-dun-it involving drugs and murder in a high school setting. 206 more words


Photography Fridays 1/30/15

Today is the latest installment in our recurring weekly feature, “Photography Fridays”, which we present a recent photo provided by one of our Photography Staff Members. 42 more words

Bryan J Mangam


After writing yesterdays post (click here, Conflicting Ideas) I went and made an amendment to Chapter 2 of the new book and then wrote Chapter 3. 390 more words

Science Fiction

Paratext: To Read or Not to Read

My own personal rule of reading has always been: Do not read the back cover of the book and rarely read reviews until after finishing the novel in its entirety. 380 more words

Resolutions 2015: Touch of Evil

After tackling one of his movie resolutions last week (Requiem for a Dream, which you can read by clicking right here), unstoppable movie blogger… 482 more words


Sunset Boulevard (Billy Wilder, 1950)

“Alright Mr DeMille, I’m ready for my close-up”.

What a line. It sums up perfectly the fragile mindset of one of the most brilliantly realised characters in cinematic history – Norma Desmond, portrayed by Gloria Swanson. 691 more words

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