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Goldfrapp - Felt Mountain (2000)

It was 2001, if I recall properly (which is by no means a guarantee). I was in a strange town, beset by many adolescent insecurities and internal abysses, as teens are wont to be. 514 more words


SOME MUST WATCH (1933) by Ethel Lina White

It’s Halloween, so time for things to get a little shuddery here at Fedora! Ethel Lina White, a big name in the 1930s, is best known today for… 1,805 more words

Film Noir

Noiring LA: Mildred Pierce, The Reckless Moment, and Reinforcing Postwar Suburban Gender Roles

“Often like a ghost in the shadows, the mother haunts film noir,” observed Kelly Oliver and Benigno Trigo in 2003. “She is mentioned but never seen, yet she leaves her traces throughout film noir. 2,570 more words

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Despite an abundance of sunshine, Los Angeles was often the location for many of the best film noir movies including The Big Sleep and Double Indemnity. Film noir always sought to reveal the sleazy, dark underbelly of the Los Angeles. Ryan Reft has written an article for Tropics of Meta examining how two classic film noir movies, "Mildred Pierce" and "The Reckless Moment" reinforced "domestic, gender and racial normatives of the day." Suburban Los Angeles serves as the backdrop for both movies and Reft argues that this location "engaged ideas regarding motherhood, adolescence, and gender in a nation" better than perhaps anywhere in America.

#320 The Big Heat

(1953, Fritz Lang)

“I’ve been rich and I’ve been poor. Believe me, rich is better”

Today I’m reviewing a film noir! Awwwww yeaaaaaah!

The Big Heat… 721 more words


Evaluation of The Killers Trailer

My trailer was influenced by the neo-noir trailer for the film ‘Brick’ that we had recently analysed in class. I chose to get inspiration from this trailer because it is modern in terms of editing styles and visual effects, making the trailer look more sophisticated than theatrical trailers made during the classic period. 884 more words

Film Noir

America's Cry for Comfort

World War II was a devastating time for peoples of all nations, and different cultures deal with these stresses in different ways. During and following World War II, Americans turned to films for comfort and found it in two seemingly opposite genres: Musicals and Film Noir. 217 more words

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Sample Snitch: The connection between Jimmy Cagney and E-40 (Back in Business 2010/White Heat 1949)

Sample Snitch: The connection between Jimmy Cagney and E-40 (Back in Business 2010/White Heat 1949)

by Dan-O

The movie White Heat from 1949 is a defining moment in film noir. 328 more words