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TMax 400 Test roll

As of right now, I’m currently working three jobs.

I don’t mind a bit. I love being busy, plus I’m doing everything I can to save money so I can move far, far away! 454 more words

Where can you still get film developed?

The question burns: Where can you still get film developed?

Not long ago, the answer was eveywhere: Costco, Walmart, Target, Walgreens, CVS, et al. They processed 35mm color film in an hour right in the store.  833 more words


Konota C41 Development Bliss

Color film development has always been hard for me, because of the absence of a water temperature controller in my apartment. At the end of my time in Baltimore, I had only ever processed E6, which is arguably more difficult than C41. 195 more words

Film Photography

Nothing is Mundane

This last while I have been looking into some projects that I can undertake as a photojournalist/documentary photographer, photographer.

Photography has the power to transform and this power is not restricted to ‘far-away’, exotic or dangerous places. 380 more words


Palm Labs, Birmingham

This lab has been going for a while in Birmingham. I got a 120 roll processed and had proper prints (not digital scans) done at 5×5, last week.


Camera Cafe

This is where I go for used camera equipment, expert advice and great coffee!


Rathbone Place also does film processing