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Notes on crew shape

Earlier I posted a rough idea of crew shape for the upcoming 72. It was obvious from the web stats that this is of particular interest, presumably to the crew more than anyone else! 305 more words

Crew shapes

Just jamming on crew sizes and shapes… Nothing fixed yet, but looking something like this:

Switching to this:

Unlike Melbourne, where we attempted different job titles yet the crew reverted to type almost immediately when under pressure, this time we’ll stick to traditional titles but stress the differences in the run up to the production. 15 more words

Indie Collective turns Corporate Projects into Art

Screenwriters like myself and independent production companies are always looking for paying customers to help defray the cost of new gear and of course, basic necessities. 138 more words

Best Practices

5 great reasons to make a short version of your feature film first...

So you have an idea, or possibly a script for a feature film. Even if you’re experienced in producing short films, it doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be successful in pitching your feature project to investors or production companies, and even if you are, it’s highly likely

Film Production

Your Monday Dose of They Might Be Giants

Teaching us how the “bloodmobile” works – a charming little tutorial.

Design And Layout

41 steps you need to take to make a feature film...

Making a feature film is a monumental task. When starting, it’s easy to be daunted by the work that needs to be done, but if you use this checklist that I use, you’ll find each task much more manageable.

Film Production

Directors' Commentary

In order to provide viewers with a deeper insight into our creative choices in the film, we created a Directors’ Commentary for Frame.

Film Production