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No Horses Were Harmed

We need carrots! Send us your carrots! Carrots are a movie’s best friend!

Send them here: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/send-my-movie-to-the-festivals/x/25077


Mel's Film Blog: Downton Abbey Fans Get Ready!

Downton Abbey is coming back to airwaves near you soon!  Get the scoop in an interview with blogger Rosemary Jean-Louis on Reel Focus Blog at… 11 more words


First One In, Last One Out: A Weekend in Audio for Indy Film

“2 pairs of headphones, $100. 1 Sennheiser ME-88, $200. 1 Zaxcom Nomad 6 Channel $3,200, totaling $30,000 worth of equipment, sign your name below to check out the sound cart.” Shit, I paid $750 for my first car (the government thought it was $350 for tax reasons), but here I found myself responsible for over 30 times that on a weekly basis. 941 more words


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