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The Values of Audacity

I’v started using audacity when I was 14 years old,  and friend and I decide we wanted to make our own rap album. Needless to say, the album sucked, and in the more recent years, myself as well as my peers have adapted the same opinion that audacity sucks. 98 more words


James leaves the 72*

Just before we went to Australia I took a break for a month and visited Algeria to make a different film. Here is a flu-ridden, exhausted, whining idiot talking about it: 109 more words

Pub culture

Dom’s been busy at work doodling beer mats. Not doodling on beer mats but doodling beer mats. He’s been grappling with some of the concept art for the film’s logo. 210 more words

Film Journal: Week 14- Last Shot

On Sunday morning, as we gathered for our last day of shooting for our current project, my trio mates and I realized that this was likely going to be the last day of production for the semester. 373 more words