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The Poltergeist (1982)

Of course as a kid I remember watching this film with my family. It was an awesome film. The lady with the weird squeaky voice made the film more scary than it actually was……..the film in hind site is more about the middle class fear of losing their status or position by unknown means…as the intro talks about everything being the same and looking the same….maybe I’m reading too much into it. 21 more words

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IndieBoogie - September Update

Things are moving fast at IndieBoogie HQ, with updates being released almost daily! Here are some new features now available:

  1. Super Robust Script Import! – Final Draft and Celtx now supported! 
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Fighting Badgers

Who I Am

I am a creative, client-focused and service-oriented professional with 5+ years experience managing nonprofit, education and business programs that address community service, communications strategy, disability rights, global health priorities and international program development.

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A short film called "The Haunted House"

I will cover shorts that I find interesting as well…….Found this one on youtube. Enjoy.

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IUGOは”BEYOND BY LEXUS” (Issue 3) のスペシャルコンテンツ “Meet The Designers” の撮影コーディネートを手掛けました。第一回目はLEXUSのカラーデザイナー、岡本桃子さんの登場です。

IUGO produced a photo shooting and film for “BEYOND BY LEXUS” (Issue 3) – Meet The Designers. 61 more words

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