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The Twilight Zone - Where Is Everybody?

The twilight zone…were back well I don’t think I showed this one before…but this is the one that started then all…it appeared to be a little bizarre but I think that was the drift it was supposed to be weird and the intro episode explains all that….enjoy.

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This was another Haunted House Film or Short Film that is designed to scare you so enjoy……….Wwhhhhhooohhha aha aha aha..lol.

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Halloween Short Horror Film

So online searching for Halloween Short Films and stumbled upon this….don’t tell me the scantily clad women in the opening scene had nothing to do with why you want to stay and watch…..lol…well enjoy. 13 more words

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Getting Ready for Rain

You’ve gone months without a call from anyone, finally after stewing for weeks and weeks frustrated, questioning why you decided to choose this path the phone rings… 1) you have an audition 2) they finally read your script 3) you have been working in production for years and finally you have a shot to Produce or Direct!   718 more words


10: Group Production Plan, Painting-to-Life Video Assignment

(A) Each group member’s role

Director: Amber is responsible for the production of the film including the title, script, actors, and purpose.

Editor: Destiny oversees the written, visual, and auditory elements of media within the film. 894 more words


Just posted recently updated gear list for 3 1/2 season backpacking on a new page

I hope that this information will be of help to those who ‘d like to get in the ultralight backpacking game, and even stimulate discussion of other’s experiences and lists. 93 more words