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Film Review: A Walk Among the Tombstones (2014)

Neeson takes up his typical role as a law enforcing citizen and as much as he suited the part with his dishevelled look and his defining deep voice, I must say that his accent is never on point. 222 more words

Die Hard (1988)

The original epic classic action adventure. First of its kind: right cop, wrong place, right time. Great everything: villains, story, action, character development, pacing, thrills, humor, directing, & score. 36 more words

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'The Maze Runner' and Issues Encountered with Book-to-Movie Adaptations

I’ll have to admit that The Maze Runner didn’t capture my attention when I saw it on bookshelves several years ago.  As someone who had finished two-thirds of  999 more words


A Walk Among the Tombstones

Strictly Unofficial

Taken, Unknown, The Grey, Taken 2, Non-Stop. Just when you thought Liam Neeson was being typecast as the grizzled old man who is still a bad-ass… SURPRISE! 758 more words

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Ouija (2014) Trailer

This movie looks amazing and absolutely looks like it should be a must watch. I’m going too see this one, are you?


Blues Brothers (1980)

Excellent musical: goofy story, plentiful humor, unbelievable destruction of public property, wicked car chases, & an awesome soundtrack. The sheer talent all gathered in one film is incredible. 37 more words

Film Review

Secret Window (2004)

Psychotic & quirky revenge flick, lots of fun. Depp is what makes this film great to watch and John Turturro is a brilliant counter role. Some twists & turns. 32 more words

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