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The Archer- His Progression into the Modern Day.

As part of WUHstry’s out of the comfort zone month, I bring to you a post which is, as it says on my tin, out of my comfort zone. 1,319 more words

English History

How I Got Into Wanting To Make Films (or how I really wanted to be a Ghostbuster)

Ask any established or aspiring filmmaker how they got into wanting to make films and you’ll find a similar trend. They either had a camera when they were little, they came from a family that works/worked in Hollywood, or they saw a Hollywood blockbuster in the cinema and just knew. 832 more words

Faith Vanderwaal

Hi there! My name is Faith. I’m a senior studying nursing, which means if I pass this course, I get to graduate in the spring! I want to work in mental health after I graduate, specifically with people with schizophrenia. 111 more words


"Why is it always me?" - Harry Potter Studios visit 2015!

Hey there guys

*Let me just start by saying that if any of you guys can name which character said the quote in the title, and from which film, I will mention your blogs in my next post!* 279 more words


On the Women of "Selma"

On this Martin Luther King Day, many Americans are talking about the film “Selma.”  Ava DuVernay’s masterpiece chronicles the three months of escalating tactics in Selma, Alabama to push for voting rights for African Americans.   1,267 more words