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BESJI Bioethics Film Screening December 2nd

We are delighted to announce that for the next BESJ Bioethics Film Screening Dr Lawrence Napper from Film Studies will be talking about Wounded Men and 1920s Cinema… 148 more words


Nature of time in film based on examples of ”Rashomon”(1951), ”Interstellar”(2014) and “Memento”(2000)

As filmmakers we can present the time in any way we wish to and it can be used for the benefit of our film. For example in “Memento” Chris Nolan use starts with the ending of the story to then progress to the beginning, which in itself isn’t revolutionary, it was done in films such as “Pulp Fiction”, “American Beauty” or “Fight Club”, and later, after Nolan’s film it was used in “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind”, which I think is a great example of this “technique”. 1,216 more words


Enterprise & Employability - Setting up a Media Production company

E&E Week -

‘Setting up a Media Production company’  – 21/11/2014

My final talk for employabilty and enterprise week was entitled ”Setting up a Media Production company’ and our guest speaker was the manging director of Campus Life LTD Simon Horniblow. 725 more words



Canadian film maker Guy Maddin won the Tellutide Medal for Life Time Achievement in 1995.

He was 39.

In 2000 his 6 minute short THE HEART OF THE WORLD was best film, short and feature classes, at the Toronto International Film Festival, and Special Award winner with the National School of Film Critics; it also won Golden Gate Award from San Francisco Film Festival. 700 more words


Opening Scenes of Horror Films

The first opening scenes of a film are critical. These short scenes can either make the viewer want to watch your film or leave at the first sight. 797 more words


Mise en Scene (Putting on Stage)

Everything you see in a film, any object, the settings, the actors (this includes props, costume and make up) and all other details for example were the actors are positioned stand and the way they move on the set, and even the types of Lighting are all there or happens for a reason. 283 more words

Film Studies

Earwax, Non-Stupid Grad School Applications, and How to be the Best Bott's Bean

Dear UBC, U of T and Ryerson University,

Writing grad school applications has a wonderful way of making you want to kill yourself. No I don’t mean because you’re thinking of all the money you just spent on your undergrad, all the debt you already have racked up slowly eating away at your Alphagetti insides, all the loan applications you’ll have to fill out again, or even the fact that grad school will likely mean digging your way deep under the Misty Mountains to set up your paper writing hovel for the next two years. 592 more words