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Martin Scorsese - An Observation - Character Studies

One of the reasons movies like Goodfellas, Taxi Driver, and his latest The Wolf of Wall Street rub audiences the wrong way is because of director Martin Scorsese’s determination to not show the big picture. 1,427 more words

Film Philosophy

Going back to college...

Well, the past two days have been pretty hectic for me, I went back to college on Tuesday to begin the final workload of my college life. 995 more words

Video Games

Adam's Rib: a telling muddle

She (Amanda Bonner, Katherine Hepburn) drives him (Adam Bonner, Spencer Tracy) to work (Adam’s Rib, directed by George Cukor, scripted Ruth Gordon)

Dear friends and readers, 1,907 more words

20th Century Culture

Movie Trailers by Students

The following are movie trailers produced by students in Year 3 and 4 for the module Aspects of Film Studies.

12 Years a Slave

Blue Jasmine… 13 more words


Crying Uncontrollably

The end of the semester is upon us once again. If you listen carefully you can hear the faint, approaching sound of endless cramming and the crisp crack of Red Bull cans being opened. 77 more words


World Cinema: An Introduction

If there is a cinema that is most likely to melt in with terms such as “the global” and “globalization” it is world cinema. World cinema, as the name suggests, is a cinema of the world, made all over the world, it represents the world, and it is made for the whole world. 616 more words


The Amazing Spider Man 2 Review By Craig Ball

The Amazing Spider-Man 2

Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy

Length: 142 Minutes

Directed By: Mark Webb

Synopsis: We’ve always known that Spider-Man’s most important conflict has been within himself: the struggle between the ordinary obligations of Peter Parker and the extraordinary responsibilities of Spider-Man. 1,024 more words