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Captain of Commerce: Lessons Learned From Disney's Box Office Triumph

Even with their overwhelming popularity and consistent box office dominance, there is still plenty of skepticism toward comic book movies. The fact that they are still primarily referred to as “comic book movies” is proof in and of itself that these films are considered to be more of a subset of the Action genre (much like Rom-Coms are subsets of Comedies). 1,270 more words


American Idol XIII Double Feature: Crazy (Top) Eights

Given the use of the save, I thought I’d review both of Top 8 weeks together. So, spoiler alert: in case you didn’t know, someone gets saved. 3,439 more words


The Skinny On Skinny Black Leather Pants

Here’s an article I wrote in BeSpoke on building a unique wardrobe for The Mortal Instruments. Check out Issue #5, page 19.


10 Web Shows That Aren't About Blond Suburbia

Addressing the Lack of Diversity

For almost two decades, complex and racially diverse television characters have been a fading memory for us babies born “in a 90′s kind of world”. 561 more words

Black And Sexy Tv

Fleming: The Man Who Would Be Bond - Sky's Miniseries Comes To DVD

“You see mister Bond, we are not so different, you and I.” No, it’s not a line from one of the nefarious villains Fleming’s 007 adventures, but the underlying theme of Sky’s new miniseries, “Fleming: The Man Who Would Be Bond”. 620 more words

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