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A Message to Men from Hollywood: Women Are Crazy Afterall

A Message to Men from Hollywood: Women Are Crazy Afterall

                We are not yet living in a faultless, gender-blind dreamland.. Though we are far from equality, both genders are cultivating a culture where we can comfortably discuss emotional aptitude and domestic violence. 967 more words


How to Become a Director

Someone asked this question a couple of weeks ago at our first TUGG screening and I did a terrible job answering it.  I can blame it on the excitement of the screening (it went extremely well!) or being my own MC for the QnA (always a bad idea), but none of that blame helped me shake the feeling that I gave an insincere answer to a sincere question. 671 more words


Pasolini's Cinema of Poetry

After reading the chapter “Cinema of Poetry” from Pasolini’s Heretical Empiricism/Cinema book for some repeated times & after some more enlighten on the matter during class I believe I can finally speak about what I got from his writings. 342 more words

Film Studies

AS Media Studies: Overview for the Week of 10/20

This Week

We will commence with our study of the documentary, focusing on the film form through the lens of this essential question:

To what extent ought a documentary filmmaker value actuality over aesthetics, emotion, or personal opinion?

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Film Analysis

MDA3200: Authorship

In relation to my dissertation project, a screenplay, I need to begin addressing my own authorship. In order to do this I need to think about what sort of filmmaker I want to be, and how to develop my own style and signature. 262 more words

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MDA3200: Early Cinema

Our first Screening and Lecture covered the topic of Early cinema.

We looked behind the technology at what is there.

We watched the following films: 296 more words

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