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In the Wake of FURY: War Cinema and Audience--A SplitScreen Discussion

By Matt Smith and Eric Plaag

Earlier this fall, we saw the release of David’s Ayer’s harrowing World War II tank epic, Fury. The film rattled both Eric and Matt, and it seems destined to appear on both of their soon-to-be-released Top Ten Lists for 2014. 4,362 more words


Critical Genre Analysis - The Shining, Stanley KUBRICK

Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining (1980) often described as a cinematic masterpiece wasn’t always met with this kind of praise. Kubrick having already cemented his status as an acknowledged master filmmaker; a god like auteur, (Oscar nominated for best director for four of his previous films (Dr Strangelove, 2001: A Space Odyssey, A Clockwork Orange and Barry Lyndon)) expresses his true style and creates a rather unusual horror narrative within The Shining, however for this film he received more criticism than praise and this time was not nominated for an Oscar but rather nominated for the ‘Razzie.’ (a joke award for he worst performances and films of the year.) 1,622 more words


Camjutsu no Ryu: Way of the Fly

Camjutsu no Ryu was invented by guerrilla filmmaker Cai Otee in AD 2014. The style involves a fusion of “Fly on the Wall” style filming, Soviet Montage editing, and a by any means necessary approach to use of outdated technology over new technology. 146 more words

The Re-education Of Cai Otee

The film-viewing experience

The movies are about what we’re too scared to do in real life; or perhaps what we can’t do in real life. How else would we do what we can’t in life but absorb it through the movies? 220 more words


Strangeness of the Light 1 - Jacques Aumont (Translation Exercise 1)

Disclaimer: This is a personal translation exercise. The original test is in French. I am not aware of a published English translation. I do not have the copyright, and I cannot guarantee the accuracy of the translation. 842 more words


     I didn’t originally plan on putting this Horror Artwork post up for today! One of yesterdays comments on my Exorcist Analysis of the disintegration of the American Nuclear Family prompted me to do this Dedication today. 173 more words

Horror Films

Steven Shaviro, "Reversible Flesh" #SCMS15

Here is the abstract for Steven Shaviro’s paper on the panel “Post-Cinema and/as Speculative Media Theory” at the 2015 SCMS conference in Montréal:

Reversible Flesh…

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