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Scary Movie: The Best Twist in Film History

Yes I said it.

Forget Fight Club, Forget The Sixth Sense and you can certainly forget about a certain someone’s father. Their all expected, predictable and fall tremendously when compared with the Earth shattering answer of just who is  585 more words


Byrja til að byrja - stuttur inngangur

Það er erfitt að byrja en einhversstaðar verður að byrja.

Seinustu tvö ár hef ég stundað nám í kvikmyndafræði við Háskóla Íslands, þetta blogg er hugsað sem framlenging á því námi.  649 more words


Dialetic (Empathy) Dubbing

To dub a foreign film (in this case french, 8 1/2, Fellini) with the filmmakers native tongue based solely on the pitch, emotion, feeling, of the actors sound of voice rather the actual words they are speaking to create a new film whose spirit may or may not match the original. 38 more words

The Re-education Of Cai Otee

Kill Your Darlings

I had always heard about the “kill your darlings/babies” theory but have never had to put it into practise. I listened to great writers talk about it, and understood what they meant, but was always glad that I’d never had a script where I’d had to do that… Until now. 254 more words


Horror Clichés in need of an Exorcism

(This article was inspired by a conversation in Red Letter Media‘s review of Deliver Us From Evil, check it out)

In film, certain paranormal plot devices have overstayed their welcome: exorcisms, found footage movies, forbidden objects sold at the mall, and the claim that there’s a true story behind them all. 1,755 more words


A Discussion of Film Technique

The early filmmakers and film theorists (many of whom were both) discovered the fundamental techniques of film and hence called for the appreciation of the medium as an art form. 2,342 more words

Film Chatter