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Feminine Desire in Narrative

Desire is a deep, multi-faceted concept and a critical element in every philosophy. It translates into basic want but also into profound want, which can be interpreted as the root of the will to life. 574 more words


Narration: A Dramatic Staple

The narrator is typically one of the characters in the story being told. They could either have more or less knowledge than the other characters with regards to what is going on in the story. 1,152 more words

The Production Phases

Post-Cinema and/as Environmental Media Theory #SCMS15

I am very happy to announce that the panel I will be chairing at this year’s SCMS conference, “Post-Cinema and/as Speculative Media Theory,” has been chosen as one of eight panels to be officially sponsored by the Media and the Environment Special Interest Group. 364 more words


"Fantasia": A Modern Approach to a Timeless Film

“The Groves Dictionary of Music and Musicians” defines fantasia in music as “a piece of instrumental music owning no restriction of formal construction; but the direct product of the composer’s impulse (Grove & Fuller, 1920).” When Walt Disney released his feature film “Fantasia” in the United States in 1941, many critics from film and music scrutinized “Fantasia” for its controversial imagery, metaphors and simplification of classical art forms (Smoodin, 1994). 4,352 more words


Indisputable: Best Horror Movies of the 2010's

A couple years ago I did a 30 horror movies for 30 days of October in celebration of my favourite “holiday” – Can you guess it? 1,801 more words


'Birdman or The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance' Ending Analysis


Birdman is one of my favorite movies of the year. Everything that happens in the film has meaning. In this article we’re specifically discussing the ending, perhaps in the future you’ll see a full on analysis but for now, here’s the ending, and my opinion on it. 575 more words

Film Theory

“In ‘300,’ ..a.. more developed.. form (digitalized cinema) refers to a less developed form (comics). The effect: ..’reality’ losing its innocence,..which is a perfect figuration of our socio-idological predicament.” – SLAVOJ ZIZEK

Slavoj Zizek