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A Gaggle of Golgo 13

Golgo 13 was (is) a long-running Japanese comic book aimed primarily at bitter guys in dead-end salaryman jobs who harbored daydreams of being tough-as-nails murderous sex machines but, in reality, were just nerdy guys reading a comic book on the train before they started a day full of kissing their boss’s ass and shouting out the company cheer. 4,447 more words

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On the comeback trail

After a decade playing the same character on Friends, Lisa Kudrow makes a return to the world of sitcoms in The Comeback.

Minor celebrities, so desperate to cling to the last vestiges of fame, that they’re happy to appear on reality TV shows are nothing new. 842 more words


Josué de Castro documentary (1994)

Wanting to learn a little more about Josué de Castro, I went to Youtube to see what came up. There, I found a 51-minute documentary about him called Cidadão do Mundo (Citizen of the World). 12 more words

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The Bank Job

hat trial period I mentioned in the previous post turned into a real job.
Like, a REAL job. The kind of job that gives you health insurance and paid vacation and sick days. 959 more words

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Vikings Season 1 Review [No Spoilers]

Vikings is the first original series to come out of History Channel. Vikings starts and follows the journey of Ragnar Lothbrok, a fearless and an intelligent warrior, keen to explore new worlds. 143 more words

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Racism in the Comic Industry

Racism is a widely known concern. It appears in everyday life, and is prevalent in the mainstream media; there have been many films that explore the issue (Crash , Schindler’s List and the current 12 Years A Slave, to name but a few), as well as TV shows (South Park presents racism in an over-the-top manner to highlight how ridiculous racism truly is). 1,037 more words