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Film Review: Boyhood.

I came across a trailer for Boyhood a few months ago and instantly knew that this was a unique venture; the fact that the entire movie took twelve years to make (with the same, ageing, cast might I add) is rather impressive. 333 more words


HARMONTOWN (2014, dir. Neil Berkely)

Dan Harmon—writer, creator of the TV show Community, co-creator of The Sarah Silverman Program and Rick and Morty, and pictured above—both fascinates and repels me. 1,081 more words


THE NIGHT OF COUNTING THE YEARS, aka AL-MUMMIA (1969, dir. Chadi Abdel Salam)

Continuums are full of tension, and a large source of that tension is caused by the act of preservation. The links between the past, present and future can be fluid, but as long as we exist in an ever-present transition of space and time, there will be resistance. 837 more words


Happily Never After

A long time ago, in the mists of time, well in 2013 anyway I signed my first every publishing contract. Sadly not for a novel, script, or play, but still a creation of my very own being a short story entitled Thirst. 60 more words


Screenwriting Adventures - What Works For You

So, some of you out there know you want to be screenwriters, and knew that as soon as your were out of the womb, you were destined to write films and make millions. 452 more words