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Lucy (2014)

Lucy, the latest offering from acclaimed French director Luc Besson is a cerebral science-fiction thriller starring Scarlett Johansson that explores the myth that humans only use ten percent of their brain capacity, and the consequences that might occur should further percentage use be unlocked. 899 more words


Soheir Zaki (1983) سهير زكي

Soheir Zaki dances to her theme music ‘Pink Lady’ in a scene from the 1983 drama ‘Enna Rabbaka Labelmersad ‘ (The Lord of the Lookout إن ربك لبالمرصاد). 51 more words

Belly Dance

Open Warehouse Cinema Night – 23.08.2014

Fairy lights were strung out all along the warehouse. Sand had been mounded into tall crescents on either side and in the middle were old, Persian style rugs; tattered and scattered on the floor. 326 more words


Alfred Hitchcock Blogathon - Family Plot (1976) - Tranquil Dreams

For the 53rd and FINAL review in our Alfred Hitchcock blogathon, here’s a review of Family Plot by Kim from Tranquil Dreams.

Thanks Kim for taking part! 550 more words

Alfred Hitchcock Blogathon

Kim @ Tranquil Dreams reblogged this and commented:

Head on over to check out my entry into MovieRob and The Sporadic Chronicles of a Beginner Blogger's Alfred Hitchcock Blogathon. My choice was Hitchcock's last film, Family Plot. I haven't seen much of Hitchcock's works except for the really famous few: The Birds, Psycho and Vertigo, so this was pretty much a completely new experience for me. A huge thanks to Rob and Zoe for putting this together! Also, remember to check out their blogs and if you don't follow them, remember to do so because they have lots of fantastic posts to offer :)

Trollhunter (2010)

In 1999 the found-footage genre burst onto the movie scene with the release of The Blair Witch Project. For the last 15 years the genre has been a bastion for cheap horror films which use pseudo-realism as a substitute for well-crafted suspense. 535 more words


Julie, Julia, and blogging

My first big exposure to personal blogging was the film Julie & Julia.  I knew that blogging existed in some vague way before I saw the movie, but hadn’t read many blogs or heard much about blogs that were written by individual folks. 525 more words


2nd International Festival Cinema Libre | Hamburg (Germany)

Scapegrace (2013)
Official selection
2nd International Festival Cinema Libre
From 29th to 31th of August 2014
Hamburg (Germany)



Cinema Libre is produced by people who have to say something. 254 more words