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Alice or the Last Escapade

When met with the term ‘limbo’, a long wooden stick, catchy song and a line of limber hoofers materialises in most minds. Yet, in the genius of infamous French new-wave director… 403 more words


Silent Films at "Playtime".

Last week I went to the fifth evening on the Playtime series, and my fourth visit. (I missed one… And I’ll miss tonight’s show, too.) It got me thinking why it was that I was so keen to give it my support when, for instance, I only make it to the other Edinburgh small jazz venue every few months (maybe five times a year). 394 more words


"Il centenario che saltò dalla finestra e scomparve" di Felix Herngren

“Quando pensi di non avere tanto tempo puoi permetterti certe libertà”. E, nel caso di Allan Karlsson, queste libertà sono ben più di una. Il giorno del suo centesimo compleanno decide di scappare dalla casa di riposo dove vive e dalla festa che il personale gli ha preparato, uscendo semplicemente dalla finestra in ciabatte e vestaglia. 196 more words


Last month I went down to the Curzon in Soho – who wouldn’t want to eat a cheeky Konditor & Cook brownie before a film? – to watch the indie flick, ‘Under the Skin.’  I’d briefly looked at reviews, most of which seemed to be positive, and I thought the premise sounded interesting: 472 more words

We're not sure Star Wars sounded quite like this in the cinema

If the sound effects on the upcoming Star Wars Episode VII sound like this, then its fans could be in for a disappointment.

Fortunately this effort doesn’t appear to be the work of JJ Abrams and co, but instead comes to us courtesy of YouTube user Hudson Hongo – who has decided that the 1977 film A New Hope would benefit from a few homemade sound effects. 116 more words


A Photo for a Rainy Day

This surrealist image was created by Oprisco, a Ukrainian photographer, with a $50 Kiev 6C or Kiev 88 camera with medium-format film and a variety of lenses. 42 more words