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Film Review: The Monster Squad

“The Monster Squad” is one of the best kids’ movies from the 1980s, which is the decade that I grew up in at an early age and was most susceptible to the pop culture that I have experienced in life. 545 more words


So It Begins

Beauty is everywhere. Those with eyes to see it will find life filled with whimsy.

With that belief firmly established in my mind, I begin this blog dedicated to making much out of what may seem insignificant. 693 more words


Marvel's Avengers: Age of Ultron Teaser Trailer

OMG! I am a big fan of the Marvel superhero movies! I can’t wait for the next Avengers to hit the screen next May. Until then though, here is the teaser trailer for… 14 more words


Wisdom from Martin Scorsese's NYU Commencement Speech

1. You can’t rely on success.

“The thing is, your position is never secure. Not even when you’re sleeping,” he jokes. “So what you have to make secure and guard with your life — because it is your life — is the same pure creativity that brought you here , and that brought me here too.” 236 more words


A queen is never late

Jeg fikk så lyst til å lage en tegning av dette sitatet fra filmen Prinsesse på prøve. A queen is never late. Everyone is simply early. 7 more words


31 Days of Hallowe'en, Day 25: The Skull (1965)

I’m now wishing I’d added more classic horror to the list. Even beyond horror, that era has a style of filmmaking so far removed from the ones I grew up with and enjoyed today. 556 more words


John Wick Movie Review


Keanu Reeves plays John Wick, a former hitman whose wife passes away in the beginning of the movie. She gives him a dog as a parting away gift. 341 more words