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Coursework: Mission Complete

Today, Jazzmin and I have definitely now finished filming for our film opening. We now have the task of placing our new recorded video into Final Cut, editing it and exporting our 100% finished film opening.

Film Opening

Coursework: Script - Updated Final Version

Due to the feedback Jazzmin and I received, and the suggestion based upon the feedback, we shall be filming a different final scene. Thus, we have had to update the final version of the script, based around the scene we are going to film today.

Film Opening

Whiplash: My transformation into a Jazz enthusiast

Justin Hurwitz? Tim Simonec? Hank Levy? Chances are, unless you are a serious Jazz enthusiast you will not recognise those names. The only other way you will have any link to these people is if you have watched Whiplash – which I have. 947 more words

Opinion Pieces

Who I want to win at the Oscars (Academy Awards)

Oscar fever is again among us and it’s at this time where everyone argues, or more accurately debates which film should go home with which prize. 1,097 more words

Limerick Trilogy in preproduction!

Short films to shoot in Limerick next month

(Taken from RTE)

A trilogy of short films will be shot in Limerick next month as part of a training programme for local filmmakers. 245 more words


Thursday 29th January

There are tiny ants running under the keys of my keyboard. It’s not a safe place for them at the moment. We started filming yesterday. 1,656 more words


First taste of filming

Yesterday and today, we have filmed some routines at dance4 in order to get a good amount of footage for our documentary.

We have decided to use glide cams for most of our shots as we are on the move a lot and dollys would get in the way of dancers and doesn’t give us enough freedom to move in and out of dances ways. 30 more words