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DP vs. M.A.C.E

Some months ago we worked with the Swedish dance group M.A.C.E with a dance film. Here’s the description of the project.

Everyone’s right to be different. 224 more words


Lenny - Alex's Cut

Lenny was the first time I ever filmed in a very industrial setting, with camera setup, boom mics and crew roles, and the first time I used traditional editing methods when editing. 635 more words


Katie Holmes New Movie 'Miss Meadows' Trailer

Last summer Katie Holmes escaped the jowls of Tom Cruise and came to Cleveland to shoot her new indie thriller,’Miss Meadows’. Can you spot parts of Tremont? I can!



Organizing Multi camera footage

After filming last weeks multi-camera live music show i have spent a couple of days organizing the footage.

I ended up with footage off 5 cameras all of which have been sorted into separate folders and named based on the song the footage is of and the shot itself. 49 more words


Industrial Media (Numero Cinco)
Hey guys! Click here for my version of the Lenny project that we were assigned to do for my Industrial Media course. 1,114 more words


Industrial Media: Task One

I hope to get a chance experiencing what it is like to use cameras and the sound system to its full potential – previously, I had no experience so the exercises during the intensive were definitely something new to me. 93 more words


Hiding the yarn habit

Challenge: Make a movie in my apartment that doesn’t include shots of the yarn all over my walls. Because my characters aren’t yarn people.


Dialogue Scraps