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Barry Sonnenfeld

Well one thing that I don’t like about what new technology is doing to filmmaking all has to do with electronic stuff. First of all because now most directors watch their movie being made from a television monitor and not standing next to the camera.

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Peaceful Moments for Brave Women in Film

Wooden benches on Aegina Island – Photograph by Karen Godard (c.2014)

When traveling, I often snap photos of interesting locations to use as reference material for paintings. 122 more words


Werner Herzog on Creativity, Self-Reliance, Making a Living of What You Love, and How to Turn Your Ideas Into Reality by Maria Popova


My films come to me very much alive, like dreams, without explanation. I never think about what it all means. I think only about telling a story, and however illogical the images, I let them invade me. 31 more words


Before "To Be or Not To Be" comes "Who am I?". That really is the question...

I ask myself this question everyday. To some up ME in no more than 500 words would be to capture the ocean in a hand-size jar or to, say, collect all the sand in a wine bottle. 448 more words


This App will Make You A Filmmaker!

For this Holy Sunday, I wanted to share something revelatory, with you:Our upcoming iPhone and Android App can turn anyone into a Christian Filmmaker! We have a pro-life feature film in the works, and this app will give the power (to anyone) to shoot interviews and send them in to the actual film studio!If you want to help share the truth about abortion (for our first documentary “Women Speak”), you will be able to download the app to your phone, shoot interviews, and send the video directly back to us… We even teach you the gear, lighting, sound, and setting up an interview on our website. 65 more words

Guest blog post: Black Families’ Love Ones with Developmental Disabilities On Stage & In Film by Leroy Moore

Leroy Moore writes about race & disability issues for Poor Magazine and is the author of an upcoming history of Krip-Hop Nation. The following is an excerpt of a post he published on May 26, 2014 where he interviewed the Tatum family including their daughter Kei’Arie who has Down Syndrome. 573 more words

News And Guest Blog Posts

New Indie Film Break with Convention in Story of Love and Danger in Rio

From conception to casting and funding, ‘The Fates’  highlights the opportunities available in modern filmmaking in Brazil. I spoke to director Iyin Landre about the experience and how the cast and crew are working together to find creative ways of financing post production. 662 more words