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Mid-State Stills

Rena Riffel on location

Cellphone photography by Mark Johnson

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Rena Riffel

Know Thy Self!

I was angry a day ago about not being able to jump over the obstacles thrown my way on my attempt at producing a film, whether short or long. 384 more words

Collaboration that Works

At the end of last week I was asked two questions about working on creative teams:
1. What has been your experience with creative teams? 1,351 more words


A Call to Adventure/I'm Incredibly Nervous

In Joseph Campbell’s The Hero with a Thousand Faces the third step the hero faces is the refusal of the call. The hero’s refusal signifies his/her apprehension concerning the forthcoming events in the story. 218 more words

Julie + Joshua's Wedding Film

I filmed a wedding in late May of a beautiful couple, Joshua and Julie Anderson. It was my second wedding that I’ve filmed and I am learning so much in the world of filmmaking and telling a honest story. 29 more words

Film Blog


For Sunny. Taking the four train into Manhattan everyday is like entering a different world. Despite the hustle and bustle of people getting on and off the train, Sunny felt a sense of peace. 165 more words


Why I'm a Filmmaker & What to Expect!

Welcome firstly to the official blog for the short film ‘Iris’! My name is Paul Thompson and I am the Director for this film – I would like to start this blog off by telling you how I became captivated by making films and just films in general! 266 more words