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Tales from the Set Ep 09 "Killbiz"

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Tales from the Set Ep 09 “Killbiz.” In this week’s podcast Jonathan talks about being “green” to the film industry and making his first feature film “Killbiz.” 10 more words


Interview with Brennan Murray!

A couple of days ago we had another amazing evening, here, at Screen Siege HQ. We got a chance to interview the amazing Brennan Murray. He is the man portraying Wendell Brixby in the series Video Game High School and Michael Darling in The New Adventures Of Peter And Wendy. 173 more words


Forever Boogies is out!

Today is the premiere of my short documentary!

While the film can be seen on YouTube here: http://youtu.be/kUm8vL6FkUQ you can catch a behind the making of the film post on The Good Men Project later on today. 28 more words


The Lynch Lobotomy

Last night I watched Twin Peaks, Fire Walk With Me with some friends in my screening room. I saw it when it came out and at that time I was probably angry that it didn’t make more “sense”. 572 more words



Time-Lapse Photography is what I do. Always looking for inspiration, new challenges and ways to improve my work.

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"Force Majeure": Everything "Wild" Isn't, and More

My previous post on “Wild” contained a quote from the film’s location manager that claimed the inaccurate and easily accessible locations were necessary compromises.

Most of the time you just can’t send a movie crew out into some of these places.

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the lost footage dilemma

In January 2013 I’d written and filmed this episode of Little Alaska called “The Smuglies.” This was one of the episodes I’d previously referred to as being “in my back pocket” or “something I’d been sitting on.” It was the answer, the golden egg I planned to just whip out and upload to YouTube in the name of letting go of my perfectionism and making life easier on myself. 414 more words