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(10 of 10) Press Kit Essentials - Photos

Film is a visual medium. That’s why movies are called Motion PICTURES.

Unfortunately, you cannot include moving images in a press kit; that is what a trailer is for (and a trailer is something that should also be used in conjunction with a press kit when possible). 292 more words


A nighttime Walk in Park Ex: In which I do my small bit for independent filmmaking

Montreal director Tony Asimakopoulos is making a documentary about Montreal’s Park Ex neighbourhood, with a focus on the Easter celebrations by the Greek community. His film is called A Walk in Park Ex. 749 more words

The Cine Files

Corners of London.

Discovering new corners of London. Photo taken by my friend Roberto Alvau.

Clairvoyant Hospice Nurse Fights for Her Life When Psychotic Intruder Tests Limits of Her Intuition by Dawn Davis of HARMONY

“Acting makes me feel alive because it allows me to be used as a vehicle for an expression that is greater than me. It’s a very spiritual experience; I feel that I can be an instrument in service to the energy that connects all of us on a higher level- a level that we’re normally not so conscious or aware of.” writes actor/producer Dawn Davis regarding her new short film HARMONY. 67 more words


Documentary Nomads

A fascinating program for documentary filmmakers has emerged in Europe. Called DocNomads it involves stays in three cities over the course of a year: Lisbon, Budapest and Brussels. 178 more words

Film Reviews

Production blog no. 2

Hello there! This time we were at the Cornerhouse in Manchester, so as circumstances called for it, you have an artsy-fartsy treat on your hands. We have road shots, dutch angles and close up of mugs for your enjoyment. 12 more words


Introducing the GrowthFunders campaign

A short while ago we introduced you to our forthcoming half-hour gangster drama Mamie & Margot and since then we’ve made no secret of the fact that we’ll be raising the production budget through equity crowdfunding.  337 more words