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Testing by Mark Vargo

“Though this video is less than 8 minutes long, know that I could go on and on for hours on this subject!

Hope you enjoy it! 7 more words


'Original Sin' Music Video

For some time now I’ve been promising my mate Joe Thomas that I’d shoot a music video for him and I suspect he’d got to the point where he never thought it would happen, but true to my word we shot it a couple of weeks ago and put it online yesterday. 396 more words


Sins of the Dragon (2012)

In a world of martial arts and magic, a dark assassin seeks the power of the four “Dragons,” martial arts masters of supernatural strength. When his actions cause the death of a young man’s family, his downfall becomes inevitable.

The Day of the Trailer!

Sitting down to write about shooting the trailer took longer than I thought! On July 15th we shot the trailer in Detroit! We had a full crew with makeup, props, production design, actors, and producers! 132 more words


~ The Whiskey Room ~ Blog About the Blog

Hey oh! I’ve started a blog, and if you are that good of a friend or colleague (not always one in the same,) you are reading on!   287 more words

On filming "August Falls"

This morning in the pre-dawn gloom of downtown Berkeley, I watched the Revival Bar & Grill recede in my mirror, lit by a fading red glow from the last of the taillights.  520 more words