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Weddings are one of the most joyous celebrations on this planet.

Two people come together, looking at each other with excitement and anxiety, saying their vows and two words to seal the deal; “I do”. 266 more words


The Adventures of Mr. Kidzpointe part eight

Part eight of The Adventures of Mr. Kidzpointe! Possibly the most beloved episode of the series. I wish I could take credit for the song, but that was actually written in the script we were using. 39 more words


Billy Zabka Saves The Universe

This was my final film project for my Literature To Film class, in my senior year of high school. We were assigned to read a short story (in this case,  134 more words


The Janitor: A Horror Odyssey Through Time & Space

This was my final film project for my TV Production class in my junior year of high school. We had to make a film about a real experience, and after some liberal fact-smudging, my group produced this  81 more words


Learn, Don't Burn: The Lost PSA

This is an old PSA I co-wrote and directed for my 20th Century Film class in my junior year of high school. The assignment was to make a public service announcement about anything – anything at all – so my friend and I decided to make a parody of blatantly homophobic and severely misinformed 1980s propaganda videos such as  32 more words


Robin Williams Top 13 Movies

In honor of today’s date I have written down 13 instead of 10 of my favourites among Robin Willams filmography.

  • Dead poets society
  • Aladdin