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The Fault is in our Star Wars

Forget the hypothetical Q Source or L Source. The ultimate in lost sacred texts has been found. You just have to set your moral compass to stun in order to see it. Read on here.


Finding Weathertop

We set off from home in search of Weathertop…another movie location from Lord of the Rings where the black riders catch up with Frodo (and friends) and Aragorn fights them off. 141 more words

New Zealand

English Major

Why is it that I always get disapproving looks when I tell people I think I want to major in English? I want to know when a knowledge of English became archaic. 45 more words

‘Into the Storm’ (2014) Review

I hadn’t heard much at all about Into the Storm before seeing it last week other than that it was a film about giant tornadoes. Just before the movie started I got out my phone to quickly check the running time on Wikipedia and read the first sentence:’ … 502 more words


Library film takes off this Thursday at 6 p.m. for families and mechanics

Here’s a question for mechanics: how do airplanes take off from an aircraft carrier? Disney’s fun movie Planes is the next film at the Murphy Library and it shows the take off method and other secrets of flying aircraft. 91 more words


Batman Begins Review

Batman Begins is one of those movies that I’ll never forget. I was a middle school back in 2009/2010 and I watched parts of The Dark Knight in my Band class. 943 more words

Christian Bale

Doug Reviews: Calvary

Calvary wasn’t what I was expecting. The trailers sold it as a dark comedy with a bunch of weird, small town characters. The film is definitely funny in parts, but it is also deep and emotional as it plunges one man into darkness. 463 more words