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Toy Story Claw Crane Lamp

Here is a lamp design based on the claw crane game from the first Toy Story film, and it features a “captured” alien that you pull to turn the light on or off. 108 more words


Films About Women 16

1 Les Diaboliques
Les Diaboliques is a French thriller made in 1955. It tells the story of a married woman whose husband is cheating on her. 558 more words


One of my absolute favorite Disney/Pixar movies is Ratatouille. The charming main character, Remy, is a rat with a passion for food who gets his chance to show how well he can cook when he stumbles upon France’s renowned Gusteau’s Restaurant. 98 more words


Dear White People...We all have issues

I had an interesting facebook conversation with a friend yesterday about a facebook post from Salon . Based on this article we discussed the value of this film in a feminist analysis that include race, gender, and class. 609 more words

The Ballerina

Life isn’t a movie, though sometimes it does resemble one. There are moments in movies when natural life seems so well captured.  The reverse is also true.  378 more words


If you focus on what you left behind you will never see what lies ahead! (Gusteau)

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