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Director: Ben Falcone

Starring: Melissa McCarthy, Susan Sarandon

Genre: Comedy

Everyone likes Melissa McCarthy. If you don’t, you should re-evaluate your life. The woman is crude, raw, and ridiculously funny. 226 more words


Transformers: Age of Extinction

Director: Michael Bay

Starring: Mark Wahlberg, Jack Reynor, Stanley Tucci

Genre: Science Fiction

Michael, Michael, Michael. How hath thou survived in such success with thine lazy repertoire? 422 more words


Little background information....

Hey, we’re both here for the love of gaming.We are two guys from the UK who are both in full time employment with nothing to do with gaming or even entertainment but we both wanted to share our thoughts and views on everything PS4 we come across and also any New films we see :) 29 more words


10 (non-grief) things about me

I’ve been inspired by fellow baby loss mamas Baby Boy Blue and Expecting the Unexpected to share things about myself that are outside of my grief about Hugo. 1,123 more words


The Secret Life of Walter Mitty [2013]

Way back in November when I went to the cinema to see Gravity there was about three trailers for this film. The first was a really long one with Ben Stiller banging on about how great this film was (he did direct and star in it so I suppose he would) and the other two were general ones. 416 more words


Three of the fan favourites will return

A recent announcement at ComiCon from the guys working on the new Godzilla confirms that there will be at least two sequels to the Legendary’s 2014 Godzilla, but I’m expecting more if they’re going to turn it into another series of movies as with previous. 1,045 more words


old enough to remember...


Just found this list someone has put up on wordpress, full of old films and tv shows. Happily I am young enough to claim that all of these were before my time, but I thought I would share the link here as I find this kind of old pop culture memories fascinating: 11 more words