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Music Video Generated Completely By Code

“Clouds in Cloudless Skies” is a new music video from the “haunting orchestra of one” known as Hello Moth. No cameras were used



Flight Brigade’s new video for “Sirens” features some beautifully rendered stop motion animation.


See the Future of Music

As part of a recent Monthly Music Hackathon series in Brooklyn, programmers and hackers gathered for ten hours to build “music visualizations” in order to


Poetry and Politics: Francis Alÿs's The Green Line

Francis Alÿs, The Green Line, 2004

I’ve written about Francis Alÿs going for a walk here before (that time in the form of his  335 more words


Charlie Manson's Spahn Ranch Dressing

This was one of my crazier ideas, and like most, it started out as a simple joke. A friend and I were working on a screenplay for a comedy film called, “Six Million Dollar Manson” — Charlie Manson is in prison and his limbs get caught in a license plate pressing machine, the doctors rush in to save him and give him bionic arms and legs… you get the gist. 102 more words


Night of the Loving Dead (2014)

On April 20, 2013, I premiered an early internet version of my newest short film. Produced with my brothers C. J. Kinyon and C. C. Kinyon, the bulk of the film was shot on location at a long-abandoned, notoriously haunted cemetery in Half Moon Bay, CA. 55 more words


The Jimi Homeless Experience

Parody Albums & Live Stage Show

On August 23, 2007, I released a full length CD of parody songs I had written and produced, all inspired by a webcomic I had been publishing for a year or so. 201 more words