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Easy bunny nail art

This year I sort of forgot about Easter. I forgot it, then remembered it, then forgot it again. This morning my phone alerted me to the fact that I only have a day to get all of the stuff I wanted to get done before the holiday. 480 more words

Nail Polish

Saddle and Mallets Sweater

Another desirable piece of knitwear…..realized entirely from clay in miniature. This sweater features a saddle, two mallets and balls, gloves and bridles…..and underscored with bold off axis POLO lettering. 12 more words

Make your day sweeter with Scented Lollipop Jewelry

What is your favorite lollipop flavor? We have several scents for you to choose for your lollipop jewelry: Chocolate and Banana, Lollipop, and Sweet Strawberry. Make your day sweeter with this super adorable scented lollipop necklace! 9 more words