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Northeast Sweet 16 Final Battle!

Final from the Northeast Sweet 16. First ever on the East coast, and it turned out AMAZING. Ookie (the Clique) vs Isaiah (Lions of Zion):


Podcast: Crimes of the Saudi Regime Against Islam - CII

Herewith podcast of my interview conducted by Brother Inayet Wadi in regards the Saudi regime on Channel Islam. The programme was on Wednesday 26 March 2014 at 8:30 pm (GMT +2).

In Her Name - Michael R. Hicks

For far to long I’ve been ignoring the writer in me so I could bring into focus the rest of my life, I needed to bring people and things that really mattered to me to the forefront of my existence.  667 more words


61. Breaking of Resistance

This late at night luck is hardly ever on your side

But Saturday morning had the hindsight not to break dawn yet

In January 2014 I began to receive hints that the final battle was about to take place – the battle between me and my ego, my fears, my resistance towards love.

671 more words