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SP Problem-Solving Reflection (cover-letter)

To Whom It May Concern,

It is my wish to present the synthesis project titled “Communication: A Vital Life Saving Factor”. My target audience is the younger generation, which encompasses undergraduates and high school students who want to become a part of the medicinal discourse community. 1,560 more words

Cover Letter

A Life of Editing

Some people love their first-draft. Others hate it. Some people live for their second-draft, where they can sprinkle in all the “good” stuff (now that the foundation is done). 237 more words

Lisa Morrow

Ponyville Ciderfest - My Afterthoughts

When it comes to fan-related conventions, most of my memories are comprised of the likes of San Diego Comic-Con, Wizard World Chicago, and the… 1,574 more words

Poster design

As a group we all decided to assign Jack to making the poster, as his skills are by far better than ours. As we have the Facebook group discussion going on continuously he posted the first draft so we could all have our input and discuss how it could be improved… 138 more words


5 Tips for Submitting Your Writing

As someone who pitches editors, and also reviews literary submissions for a local theater, I am both the one submitting my work and reviewing work that’s sent for submission. 413 more words

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