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Equality in Sports

Dawnn Perkins

Dr. David Marquard

English 1060 – 002

June 19, 2014

Equality in Sports


Although female athletes go through the same training process of practicing, weight training, and making appearances, why is it that female athletes are valued less than male athletes? 3,130 more words

Final Essay

Final Reflections

            Before this class, I could have never imagined accomplishing everything we did in just 3 short weeks in China. We visited almost twenty-five companies in five cities, toured every must-see cultural site I hoped to see, experienced both fine dining and street food, enjoyed the city nightlife, and even had sufficient time to roam the local markets and bargain for already-cheap goods. 1,235 more words

2014: Final ELA Synthesis Essay



  • Compose a well-written essay in which you indicate what you’ve learned, support your claim with warrants and evidence from ALL FOUR TERMS!!!
  • 828 more words
Grade 9