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Awesome Cosplay of the Day: 8/22/14

So not only is this cosplay phenomenal, it also reenacts a scene directly from FFVIII, poses and all! And there’s a tumblr, because of course there is. Awkward teenage date angst go!


Awesome Cosplay of the Day: 8/20/14

I would never ever ever pair these two together. Irvine is too much of a player and Quistis is much too stiff. The look on her face in this picture clearly says, “Are you kidding me?” with a little up quirk of her lips. 36 more words


Awesome Cosplay of the Day: 8/18/14

Most of the time fathers are a little bit more together than their sons. Not so much in the case of Squall and Laguna, the latter whose being cosplayed below. 34 more words


Awesome Cosplay of the Day: 8/16/14

Sorry I missed yesterday, peeps. I was caught up in writing/editing shenanigans and time just slipped away. I should always make time for great cosplay such as this, a rule 63 or, rather, Fem Squall. 33 more words


Final Fantasy Costumes - Items Which WoN't Ever Leave in The Reality-Show Phase

Today, perform that is outfit has turned into a type of efficiency artwork that’s been well-accepted by individuals in ages that are various. It provides individuals possibilities to see life-style that are various. 448 more words

Fantasy fourteen Goldsmith Manual - Power-Leveling Means Of A Goldsmith

You require a strong Goldsmith progressing manual togo along side it and if you should be just starting to level your character then let us commence to savor the overall game at optimum degree and enter you can easily level upward. 375 more words

Fantasy fourteen Creating Manual - Efficient Means Of Creating In FFXIV

Having a creating personality have you been buying Closing Fantasy fourteen creating manual as you are able to utilize to assist you level-up? Certainly a large amount are of crafters within the sport that come under the hand’s disciples, and that I genuinely believe that it is an excellent option when power-leveling to make use of. 325 more words