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Five Games that Haven't Aged Well

Every once in a while, a game comes along that truly shows its revolutionary design. And with that excellent design, comes games that just don’t exactly stand the test of time. 678 more words


...When All You Have is a Hammer

Continuing from my previous thoughts, Spec-Ops and Hotline Miami, perhaps the two most visible “violent games about violent games,” have player-characters who only use violence to interact in the world. 1,779 more words

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This Iconic Final Fantasy Song Meets Metal, Becomes a Metal Masterpiece

One Winged Angel from Final Fantasy VII is one of those songs in the Final Fantasy universe that just gets stuck in our heads long after we have finished the game. 96 more words


Sick to Death of Death in Videogames

I feel it fair to warn you now, that this article contains heavy spoilers for the following games; Call of Duty : Modern Warfare 3, Bioshock and Final Fantasy VII… 1,396 more words


Why You Should Play Parasite Eve

It’s time we talk about Parasite Eve. If you haven’t checked out this little chunk of gaming history, let Push to Smart convince you why you should. 1,261 more words


Quick Update (and placeholder)

Sorry everyone; there isn’t going to be a more substantial update this week because I’m finally indulging in a vacation.  However, I wanted to give a quick update (which will hopefully post on Monday automatically like it’s supposed to) on some things that are going on: 223 more words


Sleeping in the Deep Blue Sea

One of the many joys of playing through RPGs is the option of exploration. By exploration, I mean the ability to venture off into your own potential journey outside of the one that is currently the priority. 471 more words