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Cloud Strife, Ryu, Mega Man ... the real birthdays of some of the biggest video game characters

Most of our video game heroes are timeless, but we actually know the exact ages of a few them. In fact, thanks to cutscenes, manuals, and even ads, we know the birthdays of some of the our most beloved icons. 461 more words


Time Is Money

“Time is money.” Benjamin Franklin used this phrase in Advice to a Young Tradesman, Written by an Old One. This phrase rings true for everyone with or without jobs. 1,939 more words


Traveling in Gaia


The legacy of Final Fantasy VII can be described by some in many different ways. A definite classic, memorable in many ways, a love-hate relationship, slight gratification, sub-par or nothing special, to just overrated. 554 more words


Once A Pun a Time: Part 2

I’m no meteorologist, but I’m pretty sure you’re about to get more than a few inches…


Final Fantasy VII: The Golden Saucer.

The Gold Saucer is a towering amusement park built over the ruins of Old Corel. The party purchase tickets to the park moving on through the entrance, they find themselves in the central hub of Gold Saucer, called the Station. 351 more words


Final Fantasy Baseball Jersey Design

I guess I’m an artist affected by temperature! I can’t bring myself to do hockey stuff nowadays, but baseball? No problem there. So here is yet… 47 more words

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Awesome Cosplay of the Day: 7/27/14

Wow peeps, Reno actually looks serious in this picture. Reno never looks serious unless shit is about to turn to fuck. Also, um yes, this cosplayer is kicking ass in the “I look like the character” front, and let’s not forget the bonus character rendition in the back. That would just be…rude ;)