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The 15th Anniversary of Final Fantasy VIII: The Balamb-Galbadia Conspiracy: Part Two

A little bit of this is fuzzy since I don’t recall the following events that well. I’ll go look for evidence later, but I gotta get the article in since Final Fantasy Month is coming to a close. 218 more words

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The 15th Anniversary of Final Fantasy VIII: The Balamb-Galbadia conspiracy: Part 1

There isn’t a lot of info regarding video games with hidden narratives and double meanings. However, if you’ve been on my site, you’ve noticed how I like at least seeing how they could’ve played around with it. 214 more words

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FFVIII 15th Anniversary: Will wikipedia stop analyzing female video game characters based on how attractive they are?


Boring shit nobody reads.


_ was listed as the top 1,000,000 sexiest video game characters of all time.

Pixel analyzation.

And no body takes wikipedia seriously? 199 more words


Final Fantasy 8 is Cloud's Dream: Love

Zell was originally created as a Tifa-Cloud offspring inspiration. He has a thing for bread/hot dogs. Dreams have been noted by Fritz Perls and surrealist film director David Lynch as bizarre. 161 more words

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Final Fantasy (masterba) VIII

Final Fantasy VIII has always been the strange middle child of the PlayStation Final Fantasies. For me VIII is the girl that every one you know wants to bang and you just don’t understand why. 480 more words

Final Fantasy 8 is Cloud's Dream: The FF8 Opening Sequence is the Final Fantasy 7 Final Battle with Sephiroth

In David Lynch’s masterpiece about dreams, Mulholland Drive, two of the main protagonists in the first half of the film, Rita and Betty Elms attempt to figure out who Rita is. 388 more words

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Day 211: My Anton Ego moment

Tuesday, 30 July 2014

I had an Anton Ego moment today when I laid eyes on the new trailer for Final Fantasy XV, a game I cared so little about that it wasn’t even on my radar. 350 more words

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