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Top Songs from FF8

Behold, another post on my top songs from a “Final Fantasy” game, one series whose music never disappoints. Just another example of the great songs found in this series comes from “Final Fantasy VIII”, including one of my favorite songs played on an organ ever (and I do love me some organ music) and a rather nice collection of epic boss battle music. 863 more words


Why Draw Ruined FF8 for Me

Not that long ago, while I was perusing Amazon to see what new games there were for me to buy…I found nothing.  Well, next to nothing.  1,911 more words


Review: Final Fantasy VIII

Final Fantasy VIII (hereupon shortened to “FF8″) is probably my favorite of the series barring Tactics. The characters are likable, the story is coherent (mind-blowing even), the mechanics are one-of-a-kind, and Triple Triad is most definitely the best FF minigame. 879 more words


"...Whatever" AKA 'Why Squall Leonhart Should Have Dropped Out Of High School"

In my increasing list of characters I want to share my thoughts about it was a struggle to even figure out where to start. I have multiple lists of characters I want to talk about and dear god, are there a lot of them. 1,288 more words

Final Fantasy

- Final Fantasy V -

- Final Fantasy VII / Crissis Core /  Advent Children /  Dirge of Cerberus -
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Final Fantasy

A lot of Fantasy, but nothing Final.

December 17, 1987. The release date of the original Final Fantasy, a humble role-playing game intended by video game designer Hironobu Sakaguchi to be his final attempt at success in the industry. 1,224 more words

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