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Final Fantasy VIII

Final Fantasy VIII is set in a nameless world with a few regions. There is Galbadia which rules most of the western continent, Balamb which is a small island in the middle, Trabia which is an icy region to the north east, Cetra which only has the ruins of one city in the south with another island further south with only an orphanage and Esthar, a nation located in the East just under Trabia but has remained hidden for years since the war. 488 more words


Final Fantasy Gets Three New Mobile App Games

If you have a smartphone and love Final Fantasy, then your going to love what Square Enix has announced.  The company announced three new smartphone games during it’s… 225 more words


Final Fantasy VIII First Play: Junction Central

Yesterday, I began playing Final Fantasy VIII.

For context, I have never played this before and know very little outside of the characters who have appeared in… 538 more words

Final Fantasy VIII

15 Years Young: Final Fantasy VIII Revisited

Video games have always been a part of my life, and the Final Fantasy series is no exception. I played the original Final Fantasy when it was new on the… 2,851 more words


Five more games I almost beat, but then walked away from

Over at SlickGaming, every Sunday or so, Jason Jasicki lists the games he acquired across the week, whether they were provided to him for review purposes or he hit up a yard sale or–and more power to him–he ventured into GameStop during a “buy-2-get-1-free” promotional event and dropped some loose change on the counter. 1,170 more words


Man At Arms: Reforged Make Final Fantasy VIII's Squal's Gunblade

The blacksmith of Man At Arms: Reforged finally listened to their fans and made one of the coolest swords ever known from the Final Fantasy franchise.   9 more words