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Growing Up With Video Games: Final Fantasy 8

So, in fairness, Final Fantasy VII (7) – from what I hear – initiated much of what I love about Final Fantasy VIII (8)… but I’m sure the same could be said of FF7 for FF6 and FF6 for FF5 and so on down the line. 1,096 more words


Meh Final Fantasy Game + Incredible Overclocked Remix = ... :-)

This is the Final Fantasy VIII Fisherman’s Horizon Christmas Version Overclocked Remix remixed by Goomin Nam.  A “Day One Download” for me that’s going into the music collection, and a tune that’s my hint that it’s time to play catch-up with Overclocked Remix.   304 more words


Final Fantasy Week: Final Fantasy VIII = Majora's Mask

It’s truly amazing when inspiration can strike. This post was originally going to be yet
another fluff piece about Final Fantasy IX. Yet, as I was talking to my esteemed colleague… 948 more words


Three Games that Definied My PlayStation Experience

In addition to the limited edition console, Sony has several prominent figures in game development sharing their memories of the original Playstation over on the official Playstation Blog. 461 more words

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365 Days of Nullien - 22/11/2014

After many years of bad luck (being stucked at Adel, erased memory cards, broken PsOne, lost cd1 … :( ), I finally finished FFVIII! Thanks, Steam!

365 Challenge

Final Fantasy VIII

Final Fantasy VIII is set in a nameless world with a few regions. There is Galbadia which rules most of the western continent, Balamb which is a small island in the middle, Trabia which is an icy region to the north east, Cetra which only has the ruins of one city in the south with another island further south with only an orphanage and Esthar, a nation located in the East just under Trabia but has remained hidden for years since the war. 488 more words