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Final Fantasy XV Trailer + Gameplay

As I was growing up, the trailers, release announcements, demos, and whatever else concerning a Final Fantasy release were met with unparalleled excitement. Despite me not having played a  587 more words


Final Fantasy XIII Trilogy Heading To Steam

Fans spotted a steam symbol on the trilogy’s Portal site recently and it has now been confirmed that the series will be finally heading to the PC. 81 more words

Square Enix

Nigmabox Rundown (14/9-20/9) I'd Like Some More Game News From Japan, Sir.

For some reason I thought the Sony pre-TGS stream was TGS itself, but I was wrong.  As my apology, I will provide a depressing fact about myself.   605 more words


Game Review: Final Fantasy XIII (PS3)

What better way to celebrate my victory, yesterday, over Final Fantasy XIII then by posting a review? I knew I was close to the end, with one battle left to go, but I had no idea that was actually three battles! 576 more words

Nerdom & Fandom

Steam to receive Final Fantasy XIII

Rumors of a Steam release of the Final Fantast XIII trilogy were confirmed by Square Enix after their portal website was seen sporting the Steam label.   181 more words


final fantasy xiii (in 256 words)

this is not a review, this is a rant.

i’ve just spent 15 minutes watching people try and defend this > on gaf. the mind boggles at them calling it mediocre and then giving it above a 5. 218 more words

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Primer vistazo de Final Fantasy XIII en una tablet

Hace unas semana habíamos confirmado que Square Enix estaba trabajando en una tecnologia streaming llamada DIVE IN, con la cual se podría hacer streaming de juegos en smartphones y tablets. 65 more words