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JRPG Marketing and (Square's) Community Engagement

In my previous post about Final Fantasy XV’s demo, I made a parting remark that Square Enix’s marketing machine doesn’t hold a candle to that of Atlus Games. 925 more words


Survival Horrigins Part 2: Birth of a Genre

1996, Clinton is still in office, the economy is going strong and the Spice Girls release their first single. Things are looking good everywhere and the world of video games is no different. 391 more words


Happy 100!!...

Well… I should say more like 113! We’ve reached 113 views as of this post. We’re all thrilled that you’ve chosen to check out our project for our growing… 165 more words


Awesome Cosplay of the Day: 10/25/14

Rule 63 Jecht anyone?  I would love to see or make a compendium of Rule 63 where every character ever conceived (or cosplayed, let’s not be too ambitious) and their Rule 63 counterpart is featured. 22 more words


I Don’t Have the Patience for Multiple Endings

As I’ve been saying, I have been busy catching up on a bunch of old games I was told were the duck’s quack, and one game I beat rather recently was “Chrono Trigger”, a game made by the same developers as “Final Fantasy”. 736 more words