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A Not So Fiery Chapter

Watching clips of the legendary Fred Rogers, better known as Mr. Rogers, before watching anime was probably not the best idea. But who’s going to judge me? 1,261 more words


Dead Fantasy

I just watched the most awesome video.  TickledTK posted it on google+ earlier today and I just loved it.


Final Fantasy Progress End of January

So this is where it gets hard, now I’ve hit end game and by that I mean I finished the story I kicked Ultima Weapons ass and now I’m having to grind out things to move on. 692 more words


Final Fantasy XIII-2's "A Fading Miracle"

A mellow Final Fantasy XIII-2 (FFXIII-2) track called A Fading Miracle. I feel like this track could suit one of Studio Ghibli’s films. 94 more words


Phouka Loves Ryu: 124 "Backseat Gaming."

Flying on planes can be a little boring. Luckily for me, there was someone playing Final Fantasy VII across the isle from me. He wasn’t doing to bad but, there was a timer, and it was running out, and he wasn’t running fast enough! 27 more words


Which Disney Characters are in the Know in Kingdom Hearts?

The Kingdom Hearts series has quite the convoluted storyline knocking around, now Sora is connected to a plethora of different people and the ambiguous conversations about light and darkness have become commonplace. 1,476 more words


Crisis Core: Final Fantasy

Unfortunately, I never got to play this game, in all its glorious queerness and fantastic music.  But I did play one of the themes once. 670 more words