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Homemade Horror: "Better Stay Up Late" Coffee Infused Chocolate Chip Cookies

A Nightmare on Elm Street was the first horror movie I ever saw. It scared the crap out of me, but I loved it.

There are too many things that I love about it, and could go on for hours, so I will only mention a few. 254 more words

Final Girl by Richard Scott Larson

This is the part where she should start running, like the last girl alive in a horror movie. But she knows that no matter how fast she goes, the wrong person will always find her. 880 more words

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Good Girls

(About Breathing Lesson 101)

I was 25 the first time I fully understood.

I was navigating the tenuous journey of the Good Girl.

At the time I was being courted by an older man who decided out loud and before our first real date that I was a sexual outlier—an adult virgin. 1,074 more words


Jones' Party Joke

First off I must confess I am not a big fan of satire. Most of the time I don’t get it. I am the kind of person who takes things literally. 425 more words


Halloween III: Blasphemy or Brilliance?

Halloween III: Season of the Witch (Wallace, 1982) is, for many fans, the black sheep of the series. My best friend and I grew up on horror films together, and he made me promise I would never watch… 427 more words

Halloween: The First Slasher

Bob Clark’s Black Christmas is often cited as the first slasher, but the tropes that viewers associate with the subgenre are ones that are associated with… 305 more words


Every Spooky Thing is Phallic

When you watch a slasher film, someone is going to get penetrated.

With a knife, yes, but I think we all know the real implications here: Knives, chainsaws, and the like are often used against (women) victims, and even vampire fangs, which penetrate the skin can be phallic in nature. 381 more words