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A Horrendous Divorce

62 months and 1 day after the catastrophic marriage, we are finally announced as divorced. No one can imagine how much I have gone through, emotionally and mentally, to reach this day, to get to this status. 725 more words

Past Romance

The End of the Age

Forgive me for using such a dramatic title, but I could not think of anything else better.  This series on the kingdom parables of Matthew thirteen nears its conclusion.   826 more words

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Let Both Grow Together, Part II

Before I dive into Jesus’ interpretation of the parable of the weeds, I want to introduce a concept that rumbles underneath the context. What I am referring to is a big word called eschatology, which means the study of the end times or last things.   1,036 more words

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Let Both Grow Together, Part I

Yesterday I paused from the current blog series on the kingdom parables of Matthew 13 due to the 4th of July holiday.  My wife and I drove to Santa Maria, CA to visit her parents for the weekend.   1,100 more words

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Christianity 101 - Return of the Living Lord!

What happens now that Jesus Christ is risen from the dead and enthroned as Lord of the universe? Jesus died and rose again in the past, so what comes next? 232 more words


The Great Mystery

As we read in Revelation 10, there is some question as to the identity of the seventh angel. Is it Jesus Christ? Even though not fully sure of the identity to some, the angel’s purpose is clear; to pronounce the final judgment on earth. 282 more words


Motion To Set Aside Judgment

Once a judgment is reached in a divorce or other domestic matter, it is sometimes difficult to get the judgment set aside (or for the court not to let the Final Order stand).   168 more words

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