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FMP: Deciding on Typography

For this blog post I will be discussing the typography that will underpin the book and poster/print, forming an important part of the identity the designs will carry. 2,494 more words

FMP: Underpinning the book with a grid and layout

Now that I am finally focusing my attention on the design of the book, it is important that I create a flexible grid that will suit whatever layout I decide is best to optimise the space. 659 more words

FMP: Sourcing the Book's Images

For this blog post, I want to discuss how I will be getting the relevant images for the book. As my research has shown many times, imagery is very important, for both its aesthetic quality and ability to show the audience what is out there in the sky. 847 more words

FMP: More Initial Ideas, Constellations & Content

For this blog post, I will be showing more of the initial ideas I have been working on as well as finalising the structure of the book I am designing to make best use of the space available to me. 1,394 more words

Chance of a video?

I’ve always played around with the thought of making a video, because I think it would be pretty cool to do. So I did a little bit of research into how I would do it if I was to make one. 299 more words

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Hans Peter Feldman

I remembered about Hans Peter-Feldman when I came across this Christopher Wool images when I was doing some research about his work:

Untitled (Robert Gober Collaboration)   1988   black and white photograph… 170 more words

Art & Design FAD

Bruce Nauman

A friend and I had a small day trip to Preston and decided to go into the Gallery to see the current Bruce Nauman exhibition. One thing I loved about his work was that he aims to receive a reaction from the viewer, whether it be good or bad. 151 more words

Art & Design FAD