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DES 509

This is the page for my final project – Beasts of Lore

Final Major Project

TPC importance

On Saturday 17th Jan The Picture Club held an event at Michael House in Boscombe which is independent non-denominational charity who provides for the needs of single homeless men and women in South West Dorset- We spent one evening with the residents of Michael House; a takeaway and movie night with all the extra bells and whistles Picture Club style. 431 more words

Final Major Project


Yesterday I embarked on an experiment. I wanted to see how difficult modelling a character would be. Before I introduce the kinect to make anything interactive I need to see if I could create something which remotely looked like a character. 528 more words

Final Major Project

Pipilotti Rist

I haven’t had a chance to see this exhibition for myself but I know people who have been to it and said it was incredible. Pipilotti Rist is a swiss born artist who lives and works in Zurich and the mountains of Switzerland.  430 more words

Final Major Project

A quick scene in ue4

So during last summer, in order to learn unreal engine 4 and it’s various components, I thought it would be a good idea to  to build quick scenes using assets already made provided by the various content released by epic so I could get used to the software. 141 more words



A few days ago, under guidance from Phil, I watched this program on BBC


It follows Marcus De Satouy on a round the world trip investigating the intelligence of computers and wether a computer could think for itself and eventually grow more intelligent that humans. 498 more words


"I don't forget that feeling of relief and release."

Whilst watching this video of Nick Knight interviewing Liberty Ross (which is quite nice insight into a models life itself) I came across the clip of Ross wrapped with bondage tape and the release she had when she cut it open. 82 more words

Final Major Project