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Final Project: Timetable of Work

Timetable of Work

Another element of the Advanced Research Strategies is the inclusion of a timetable of works. The timetable is meant to help us prepare mentally for the project in terms of scheduling; the various elements which need to be considered, the order in which they are actioned, the amount of time spent on each and to account for free time. 417 more words


"The psychology of everyday things"

Recently, for my dissertation on level design I was recommended the book “The psychology of everyday things” by Donald A. Norman.

Whilst I wasn’t expecting it to help much regarding to games design, it was quite the opposite, making me think about the designs of everyday objects, which I can incorporate into asset or level that I design. 564 more words


Technical Research

In order to create my animation I need to learn how to draw in Illustrator as my illustrations will be of a much better quality as Illustrator uses vectors and not pixels like Photoshop, and I also need to learn how to animate in After Effects. 20 more words

Final Major Project

Canary Wharf - My image from Friday's Presentation

Click here for the post I made on Friday regarding my PowerPoint Presentation about my Final Major Project.

So as the the title goes, I’m going to point out some facts about one of my images taken of a construction site located on the bank of the Canary Wharf Estate. 421 more words

Advanced Research

FMP - Script finalisation, Dominic (post-transformation) concept design, and my dissertation.

Hello guys,

I thought it was about time that I updated my blog again! I’m just going through the main things that I have worked on recently in this post. 624 more words

Final Major Project

FMP: Into UE4

As I have modelled and textured my modular cell, I wanted to put it into UE4 to see what it looked like all put together. As this was the first time I have used UE4 properly, I found it very easy to maneuver and work my way around the tools it has implemented, it was just a case of finding them, which was relatively easy. 134 more words

Final Major Project

FMP: Cell Modular Kit

To create the cells of the prison, I will be creating a modular kit of walls, floor, door and ceiling as each cell will be the same size and look similar to each other. 91 more words

Final Major Project