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Making a start - First studio session of the academic year!

Hello all!

I have officially returned to university. My induction was last week but today was my first official studio session. I’ve had free reign all day so I decided to do a bit of research into themes/clothing/etc that I want to use for my FMP. 479 more words

DMD Advanced Studio

Looking at jobs within the industry.

In order to set my self some targets, I looked at existing jobs in the industry and what skill set they search for. Given that I currently am looking at being a level designer, I browsed through various level designer jobs (although it is not always called a level designer, it will change depending on the company) and looked for anything that I feel I could improve on that the companies specifically look out for. 353 more words

Final Major Project


I have been considering 2 options for final major project (FMP), these have both been born out of pieces that I created over the summer, I was toying around with new techniques trying to gain new skill sets and I started using photo texturing. 603 more words


FMP - new blog

From now on all work relating to my FMP will be posted on this blog http://arcadiaiii.wordpress.com/.

Final Major Project

FMP: Possible Prison Assets

Below is a general list of assets that I have thought of from looking through images of prison blocks and cells. I am also taking into consideration with these assets, the riot scene that will be shown in this. 222 more words


FMP: Prison Architecture Research

For my Final Major Project I am creating a hand painted environment set in a post-riot prison setting. To begin on this task I am going to begin researching into prison architecture, looking at what prison blocks and cells look like as this is the area I wish to create. 525 more words

Final Major Project

Timetable to work towards.

I hope to stick to something like this regarding the time I am going to spend on certain modules. It’s generally working on the fmp in the morning, then the client project in the afternoon/early evening. 11 more words

Final Major Project