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Collaboration Update

After I attended that first “Poly in the Pub” event, I decided to pop over to Sandbar with the Trauma folks before going home.

I got talking to Dom about my project and how I was desperate for dancers, how none of my previous collaboration attempts had worked out etc, and he said that the following day he was going to have lunch with a friend of his who happens to be a ballet and contemporary dancer. 371 more words

Japanese Language Part 1 - Hirigana

Hiragana is a Japanese syllabary, one basic component of the Japanese writing system, along with katakana, kanji, and in some cases rōmaji (the Latin-script alphabet). 570 more words

Final Major Project

Contemporary Dance Mood Board

Giving continuation to the previous post, I started to put together a mood board of contemporary dance. And it’s been SO helpful!!

One thing is to say “I wanna do a collaboration with dancers”, but another is to work with visuals that help you understand exactly what you’re after and can communicate it to others. 385 more words

Starting my FMP

My FMP has begun… I’m focusing on mass production and displaying it through a systematic method of repetitive drawings produced by a diffuser and ink.


The Japanese Language

For part of my project I wanted to really immerse myself into everything Japan, I have always wanted to learn the Japanese language so thought to myself “Why not start now”. 325 more words

Final Major Project

Revival of Blog...

Would just like to acknowledge the fact that this blog has been somewhat neglected over the past few months. This has been for a variety of personal and work related reasons, however I now aim to bring the blog up to speed with the things I’ve been doing during my absence of blog posts. 17 more words

Personal Work

Animation test 18 -

Not a particularity difficult scene to animate but feels unfinished and I can’t add much due to the timings otherwise everything will move too quickly if I try adding any more motion. 315 more words

University Work