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Biology 1615 Final Paper

This was an interesting piece I got to work on this semester.  It really helped me understand how the scientific method works in reality.  Going from a  hypothesis about something, explaining the research, and presenting the information was a real eye opener for me.   777 more words

Final Paper

JCESR Update ­ from the Director

In the nearly two years since our launch, JCESR has implemented an innovative new paradigm for pursuing transformational change in transportation and the electricity grid driven by next generation high performance, low cost energy storage.  142 more words

Final Paper

Additional Guidelines for Final Paper

Please see the additional guidelines for the final paper that addresses some issues with text, figures, and body of the paper.


Class on Monday, 13 October

Just a friendly reminder that today we’re meeting at the same time, but in a different place: room 116A in the library.



As someone who thought she had better control over new media than most, the media diet proved me wrong and showed me how several aspects of my life revolve around it. 1,492 more words

New Media

Expressing Emotion Through Emoticons: A Literature Review

As technology develops and gadgets become more accessible and commonplace, text-based interactions via the internet and our cell phones have become the conventional method for communication. 1,057 more words


Thesis Statement: Blogging in the Classroom

Blogs are an important classroom tool in that they house key assignments, increase engagement among students and provide the chance for equal participation.