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Final Project

Technology for Teachers Website

The course, EDTC 603, culminated in an original website developed over the 8 weeks of the course.  I chose to focus my website on current faculty members at my current school, in order to share ideas involving teaching with technology. Visit the website below.

Final Project


So, I’ve finally completed my Digital Media & Communications program at college! It’s been a fun year, and I’m so glad to be finished! I am so excited that I have acquired a certificate in something through college. 80 more words

Progress Report P6

Progress Report P6

The progress report P6, including the APK, source code, and all documents can be found on Google Drive.


Progress Updates

Distortion Line Drawings

I took the images from my photo shoot and used them to inform some line drawings in which I distorted the proportions of the body. I found this a lot harder than I was expecting as it was difficult drawing something to look different than you are used to, whilst still making it look human. 54 more words

Final Project

Experimenting With Distortion

After my previous photo shoot went well I decided to continue in the realms of photography to help me produce ideas for other pieces of artwork I could create. 82 more words

Final Project