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Crowdfunding is a different way of funding projects. It allows individuals to take their ideas and make them a reality using the power of the crowd and change the world around them. 111 more words


#8 Under Construction

After making tweaks to my whitebox this week and now being happy with the overall architectural structure of the tunnel It was time to start modelling the small other little architectural assets such as the wall tiles and the ceiling arches. 615 more words

Final Year Project

#7 Changes

So its been a week since my last Blog update and I have a few things to say most of them being changes and tweaks to the previous whitebox I shown. 461 more words

Final Year Project

Concept Development

The five narratives that formed the basis of how individuals perceive and interpret wonder have been developed through further analysis of the information obtained from the cultural probe and some second hand research. 1,504 more words

Final Year Project

Research 'Poster' Brief - App Digital Designs

I am really happy with how my designs turned out. The screen shots here show a modern design. The app is easy to nagivate around for a user. 107 more words

Final Year Project

Research 'Poster' - App Design

I am currently not confident enough to submit a working app for this brief as I am still learning to code in detail. However, I thought it would be a great idea to compliment the book cover posters with a social networking app. 90 more words

Final Year Project