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Digital, Audio Playback

I’d originally planned to set-up pre-recorded tracks connected to a Telephone Dial input, as a sorry jukebox / audio player, playing back recordings over “white noise” (or static) connecting a portable radio tuning between stations. 56 more words


IEEE Final Year Project – Sales

” IEEE Project’s  Develop Here & Ready For Sales “

IEEE Project Are Developed & Ready For Sales… Language :-   Java & Dot Net .. 31 more words

Tasks Completed:

Connecting Telephone Dial

Arudino reading T/Dial Input

Stepper Motor, and Radio (analogue tuning)

Recorded Audio Tracks

Display Blueprints / Design

Problems: 268 more words

(Bsc) Digital Art And Technology

Cultural Probes

Through research I have grounded a lot of theory around wonder, where it originates, what evokes it and how we can engage with it. There is a distinct lack of grounding of this theory in the real world. 609 more words

Final Year Project

Peer Review

Throughout the design process feedback is crucial to open up various avenues for further investigation or refinement. In the last week we have had a discussion with guest lecturers and Microsoft’s researcher Richard Banks. 462 more words

Final Year Project

'Wonder Objects' Initial Research

After my last post I have a rough idea of what wonder entails and how it fits in to the larger realms of life. In my current stage of research wonder as I interpret it is a very theoretical emotion with little biological evidence to really emphasise its effects on us, this makes it very hard to manipulate it into an object. 793 more words

Final Year Project