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Surveillance - Part 1

In this entry I’m going to be covering methods of surveillance. I’ve split this into multiple parts as there’s quite a lot to get through! 789 more words

Final Year Project

Final Year Project Summary and Deliverables.

So, This is the first post of my Final Year Project (FYP) for university. Let me start off by discussing what my FYP is, my project is to deliver a seamless open world level set in Whitechapel in the late 1880’s just after the Jack the Ripper killings. 109 more words

Final Year Project

Story boards

I’ve decided on the premise of my idea now all there is to do is to draw up some story boards, which i have done. the storyboards presented choreography the basic movements I’m going to want in my sequence, the next step is to produce a pre-vis to see how the fight would look in a 3D environment.

Final Year Project

Criminal Profiling

For the first part of my project it was important to define the concept of profiling a suspected criminal.

Nowadays, law authorities have many methods of gaining information about an individual. 402 more words

Final Year Project

PeDeTe Sheets

These sheets played the part of enabling us to see the direction in which our projects were heading. This was achieved by evaluating our pre-posed elements of People, Design & Technology. 22 more words

Final Year Project

100 Word Project Description Thus far

Nearing the end of the research and concept development phase of the project it is time to concisely summarise the direction in which the project is going thus far. 174 more words

Final Year Project