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Dynamic currency conversion

“Oh, what a good idea” was my reaction the first time an overseas merchant offered me the opportunity to have my credit card transaction processed in Australian dollars. 288 more words


Aldi and PayWave

Earlier in the year, Aldi got Aldi got into a spot of bother about not fully disclosing a surcharge when Visa and MasterCard transactions occurred. Apparently verbally  informing customers of surcharge when a credit card was used was not enough (I certainly remember hearing them do this). 207 more words

Finance And Business

The electricity account

Some representatives from electricity company A knocked on the door, but I told them we were with company O. They protested that they could give me a better deal, but I’m afraid I don’t respond well to people who arrive on the doorstep and want to sell me things. 275 more words

Around Melbourne

Who needs an Oyster card? Or Myki, Opal or Go-card?

In London, you can now use your “contactless” card to pay your fares instead of having to get an Oyster card.  Apparently the fares are the same as if you’re using an Oyster card, although only adult fares are charged (no concessions).   196 more words

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