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Ranked: The 8 Companies With The Worst Customer Service

There is little more frustrating for us as consumers than really bad customer service. The topic is fresh on our minds thanks to that nightmare call recorded by a journalist… 607 more words

Strategies: Heads or Tails? Either Way, You Might Beat a Stock Picker

A series of random choices could produce more success than many mutual fund portfolios.

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Bitcoin Shop CEO: We Plan to Be a Universal Bitcoin Solution - CoinDesk


Bitcoin Shop CEO: We Plan to Be a Universal Bitcoin Solution
Charles Allen is the CEO of Bitcoin Shop, a publicly traded US bitcoin company that leverages Amazon's affiliate program to sell a wide selection of e-commerce products for bitcoin, litecoin and dogecoin. 8 more words


The New Yorker Is Temporarily Making Its Archives Free; Here Are 8 Stories You Should Read

The New Yorker relaunched its website today with a complete makeover, signaling the first step in the magazine’s new focus on the web.

Part of that initiative is the magazine’s decision to open up its archives (2007 to present as well as selected pieces) to the general public for the rest of the summer. 1,624 more words

I've worked at McDonald's for 10 years and still make $7.35 an hour

As fast-food workers, we prepare burgers and fries, not balance sheets. We struggle to survive from paycheck to paycheck, without million-dollar annual bonuses or second homes. 934 more words

People In New York City And The Midwest Aren't Very Happy

Happiness is not equally distributed across the United States.

A recent National Bureau of Economic Research working paper by Harvard economics professor Edward Glaeser, University of British Columbia economics professor Joshua Gottlieb, and Harvard graduate student Oren Ziv tracks how people’s self-perceived happiness varies among American cities. 347 more words

The Stock Market Has Been Predicting Russian Crises Since 1857

Winston Churchill once said that Russia “is a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside and enigma”.

But not everyone is so baffled by the world’s biggest country… 419 more words