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Is it Possible You Are Investing Incorrectly?

Of course!

Things change, as do investing methods and philosophies.  And, even if they don’t change, the economy changes, people change, their health can change and, as a result, needs change. 220 more words


12 Job Hunting Tips for 2014

This is the year you find that job that advances your career and makes you feel like you are getting ahead in the corporate world. As a… 56 more words

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European Bond Market: Bubble of all Bubbles!

European Bond Market: Bubble of all Bubbles!


Some exceptions apart, like Malta (see the last GDP data), no competitiveness without structural reforms

Mario Draghi even alluded to this in his speech last week, that he can only do so much for what ails Europe, and the real solution for European growth must come in the form of structural reforms, and making these countries more competitive like South Korea, China and the United States on a global competiveness scale; shoot even Mexico is starting to get their act together compared to Europe… 8 more words


FBI investigating reports of attacks on US banks

NEW YORK (AP) - The FBI says it’s working with the Secret Service to determine the scope of recently reported cyberattacks against several American financial institutions. 97 more words


Facebook Finance App Could Help You Save More Money

Facebook Finance App Could Help You Save More Money.

Facebook already knows pretty much everything about you. Heck, the company’s even admitted to playing with some people’s emotions just to see what might happen. 313 more words


Find out which 7 Companies keep their Money Offshore!!

There are 7 countries that are based in US but just to evade taxes they are hooking up with foreign countries. This article reveals some really interesting facts about them, which will change your opinion on many things. 223 more words

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