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Ethics, or pansexuality? Both?

There have been some confusions I have had with my orientation since coming out as pansexual. Wait, did I say some? I meant every freaking confusion… I mean, there is a play on words with my blogs title for a reason. 1,118 more words


Santa & Jesus–Merry Christmas!

Saw a great post about “Santa” and his gifts to your children.

“Just a reminder to all you parents out there to be modest with your gifts from “Santa”.

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" The Bitch of Living"

First off, kudos to you if you got the reference of my title quote, we can get along well now. That’s the start I need to do so that you won’t hate me when you are done reading my blog. 1,356 more words


Retirement planning

After meeting with our investment advisors recently, we might want to consider this.


Theory of becoming rich

If you’re relatively frugal, use a roommate or two, and have no significant car payment, you can be worth $750k in 15 years, assuming you’ve been making about 60k/yr for the first 5 years, then 100/yr for the next 5, and 120/yr for the last 5. 507 more words

Can Amalgamating Finances Really Work? (family discussion 5...sort of)

I’m going to be honest, our fifth family meeting didn’t technically happen, but we did have this awesome fight {awesome because it put a lot of things on the table} that was so revealing and led to a great discussion, so I am going to cheat a little and count it as our family meeting. 1,295 more words

Married Life


La montée en croissance du ‘’Green Business’’ à l’échelle mondiale, fait penser au retard de l’Afrique dans le domaine des nouvelles technologies de l’information et de la communication.  948 more words