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Broke Girl, Rich Life: Time To Get Organized

The final quarter is here. The wind down of the year has arrived and instead of waiting until New Years Eve toasts, I choose these three short months to get my financial house in order. 616 more words

Broke Girl Rich Life

You threw Off my Groove !

Last night I remained sober, not working and having insurmountable pressure on me helped. I didn’t have my daughter for most of the day either so I kind of got to just have some time to breath and catch up on some sleep. 538 more words

🚽 Flush

Cost and Return

Brass brings gold.

Iron brings silver.

Wood brings brass.

Stones bring iron.

The “measly” sacrifice you were sure would be of no benefit….

It’ll be worth something of great value. 14 more words


The Matrix

Has the world been pulled over your eyes?

Morpheus to Neo: “This is your last chance. After this there is no turning back. If you take the blue pill the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe…whatever you want to. 1,145 more words

Message Series

Physician Family, Fall 2014

Check out the latest edition of Physician Family – the publication designed for medical families! Highlights include budgeting tips for medical students, one-pot meals, and getting ready for the holidays. 18 more words



I’ve been reading John Scalzi’s blog, Whatever, for a couple years now. It’s a good blog, but there is something, I don’t know, provincial about John Scalzi’s worldview. 996 more words