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What is equity release?

Equity release is simply the process of converting money tied up in property (known as equity) into cash. This can be done at any stage in life but the term “Equity Release” is now more associated with older and/or retired people. 364 more words


If we look 10-20 years into the future, will consumers accept financial advice from institutions who own investment products?

No one knows what the future holds but I suspect a lot will change.

Powerful lobby groups and vested interests will make change difficult but ultimately it is consumers who can force change by demanding outcomes that they believe represent exceptional value rather than those driven by sales and marketing. 89 more words


Will wonga linga longa

So, Martin Wheatley has ‘sent the boy’s round’ to deal with that scourge on ‘UKplc’s hard working families’ – the Payday lender.

The FCA has  1,063 more words

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Have I got the best mortgage deal?

How do I know I have the best mortgage deal available to me?

Interest rates are at an all time low so everyone is paying a lot less interest on their mortgage than they were 8-10 years ago. 341 more words


Hospitality or Inducement? Summer feeding frenzy, but not for you or I

Summer in UK.plc can be fantastic when the weather is good. And with summer we see the season slowly start with the Derby, Royal Ascot, Queen’s Club tennis, Glastonbury and ending with an orgasmic weekend rush of Henley regatta, Wimbledon finals, the British Grand Prix and Le Tour with some post coital inhaling of fresh air at Cowes Week in August. 477 more words

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Are financial advisers impartial?


Do you expect your financial adviser to give you impartial advice? Many people prefer advice in their best interests. However, is that what they are getting?   739 more words

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