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Simplification – we practice what we preach

Here are Panacea Adviser HQ we are always looking at how we can improve the experience of our users and to get more from the huge amount of resource that is available via the Panacea website.  363 more words

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Scottie Pippen's Former Financial Adviser Convicted Of Bank Fraud

(STMW) – Scottie Pippen’s former financial adviser was found guilty Friday of five counts of bank fraud for crimes, including taking advantage of the former Chicago Bulls star, the Chicago Sun-Times is reporting. 178 more words


Ask Your Financial Planner Why A Falling Australian Dollar Means A Falling Australian Share Market In the Short Term.

A recent AMP article gives some insight into the effects of a falling Australian dollar and shares some thoughts about the future.

The article dated 15 October 2014 can be viewed via the following link. 16 more words

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The blame for pain lies mainly in…

The buy-to-let market is never far from the headlines given there are still some deluded individuals out there who believe renting out property is some sort of ‘get rich quick’ scheme that requires no investment, resource, planning or brains.The facts of the matter are that it requires all those things and much more, and given the economic and lending environment of the past few years it has required them in spades. 638 more words

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Cobbs Paradox

Cobbs Paradox could be another descriptive for the regulation of financial services in the UK today.

Cobb’s Paradox states, ‘We know why projects fail; we know how to prevent their failure – so why do they still fail?’ 458 more words

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Back Seat Drivers

I had a catch-up meeting recently with Keith Richards (not that Keith Richards) and the conversation turned to rebuilding trust in the industry along with some thoughts on the rights and wrongs of how best to do it. 524 more words

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What happened to Howard?

What has happened to that well trusted and respected ‘we give you extra’ brand Halifax?

I am not sure if you or your clients have any recent experiences of paying in money to open up a 1 year fixed rate cash ISA? 610 more words

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