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A bright future for British industry and commerce

Free from the petty rules and regulations which have destroyed the eurozone’s economy, British industry and commerce faces the future with confidence.

PwC’s annual survey of more than 1000 business leaders found that three out of five were more upbeat about growth prospects for their companies than they were three years ago. 44 more words


Making finance safer requires political change

Sais Simon Wren-Lewis. I couldn’t agree more. It is, essentially, the “Fragile by Design” argument made by Calomiris and Haber. And as Wren-Lewis notes, there has been very little progress towards such political change. 19 more words

Black Swan, Dragon King, Greek Tragedy – Lessons from a “Diplomatic Debate”

In his Ted Talk Dragon King beats Black Swan in June 2013 Didier Sornette contrasted his ideas of market predictability to Nassim Taleb’s concept of a… 1,959 more words

Financial Crises

Links on financial regulation

It’s the time of year to clean up my bookmarks toolbar. So, here a few links on financial regulation, for a time when I actually want to read them: 35 more words

Minsky raises an eyebrow

Jared Bernstein thinks he may see first signs of the US economy heading towards a new credit-bubble, and reminds us to be alert. In his words: 41 more words

The Minsky Moment

An old New Yorker piece by John Cassidy where he summarizes the main point of Hyman Minsky’s hypothesis:

There are basically five stages in Minsky’s model of the credit cycle: displacement, boom, euphoria, profit taking, and panic. 25 more words