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Graffiti in Greece

The painting is pretty self explanatory. I found it when walking around Exarhia with a couple of friends, in an area filled with skateboarders. The image of death cloaking the man, along with carefully worded letters, sends a pretty strong message about the financial crisis.


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Schliesser on Rosenberg on Krugman on Predictions in Economics

Eric Schliesser has made some very interesting points in response to an article by Alex Rosenberg. Rosenberg’s article is itself a response to some of Paul Krugman’s ideas about the failure of economics to predict important events like the recent financial crisis. 990 more words

Fed may be reducing easy money, but here’s why Sensex will keep soaring

Vivek Kaul

In theory there is no difference between theory and practice. In practice there is.

– Yogi Berra

A question I am often asked is why are the stock markets around the world still rallying despite the Federal Reserve of United States going slow on printing money. 1,069 more words


The Fed Is Staying the Course, and That's Great

The Federal Reserve’s monthly statement Wednesday was typically dull. Basically, the Fed is staying the course, because the economy is continuing a path of gradual improvement. 606 more words

Opalesque article

Stewart Strawbridge and team launched a fund into the financial crisis and were strong enough to survive. The article written below by Opalesque looks into the attributes that allowed them to weather the financial crisis. 35 more words

Stewart Strawbridge

“The outsiders”

‘‘Greece eats her children’’, an old and wise saying states, which suggests that young people are usually ignored by the older generation and, therefore, their opinions go unheard. 1,638 more words

Greek Society

United Airlines Offers $100K To Flight Attendants To Quit

Would you leave your job for an early buy out?

United Airlines is making a plea to its flight attendants and for some, it just may be worth the money. 239 more words

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