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Disparity Of Treatment - Courts Of Appeal Edition

Sometimes a couple of things strike you on the same day capturing in a nutshell, as it were, the very essence of the problem.

On the one hand you have District Court Judge Richard Kopf, undergoing a good deal of introspection these days at what presumably constitutes the tail end of his judicial career, … 736 more words

Financial Crisis

The U.S. Banking System: Ticking Time Bomb?

I made a discovery whilst perusing and comparing Federal Reserve charts earlier today (I am a totally fun guy, btw!) It is a ticking time bomb within the U.S. 522 more words


Time to stop following defunct economic policies

By Anatole Kaletsky – Can economists contribute anything useful to our understanding of politics, business and finance in the real world?

The “old ideas that have been proved wrong,” including inflation targets, self-stabilizing markets, and rigid separation of monetary and fiscal policy, remain dominant where they are most dangerous — in the macroeconomic analysis of finance ministries and central banks. 21 more words


not ALL libertarians are idiots #equalopportunityhater

I keep mentioning that despite the moronic insanity of most right-wing aka libertarian rhetoric there are out there some “good” right-wingers that deserve close attention. 31 more words


Public audit in a post-crisis world

By Gillian Fawcett, head of public sector, ACCA

The consequences of the 2008 financial crisis continue to play out and have led governments across the globe to reassess the delivery of public services in an age of prolonged austerity. 519 more words


California: Record Numbers of 50 to 64 Year Olds Shacking Up with Parents.

A recent study conducted by researchers at UCLA have found that the number of 50-64 year olds in California moving back into the homes of their even older parents has ballooned by 67% over the past 7 years. 883 more words