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Unequal Exaggerations

This week I met a new patient who was unable to control quiet tears every time any of the staff walked into her isolation room.  That’s not especially surprising, being diagnosed with two stigmatising diseases (HIV and DRTB) in a country where the majority are already consumed by poverty-related stress.   1,714 more words

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(What's Left of) Our Economy: It's Still not "Built to Last"

The government’s quarterly reports on the gross domestic product (GDP) are useful not only for measuring how fast the U.S. economy is growing or shrinking. They’re also useful for helping to measure whether American economic policy is achieving its most important objective – fostering growth that can be sustained because it’s based on a solid foundation, as opposed to growth that’s bound to implode because it’s based on gimmickry. 618 more words

{What's Left Of) Our Economy

Portugal’s Top Oligarch Ricardo Salgado Goes Down in Flames

Tom Gill writes for CounterPunch:

‘Ricardo Espírito Santo Silva Salgado is known in Portugal as “Dono disto tudo,” or “Owner of everything.’ The oligarch’s family has been calling the shots in Portugal for over a century. 227 more words

Financial Crisis


Everyone likes to get a raise.  It’s an amazing feeling to get the monetary recognition for doing a good job or sticking with a company or whatever the reason for the raise.  662 more words


Stiglitz on Argentina's default: "This is America throwing a bomb into the global economic system"

Peter Eavis and Alexandra Stevenson write for The New York Times:

‘[...] The campaign against Argentina shows how driven and deep-pocketed hedge funds can sometimes wield influence outside of the markets they bet in. 245 more words


Moreland Commission

There’s a pretty major flap going on, considering it’s an election year, over a temporary “independent” commission appointed by Governor Cuomo, supposedly to “root out” corruption in the State’s capital.  285 more words

Financial Crisis

US Judge Slaps B of A With $1.3B Fine For Mortgage Fraud; First Ever Such Ruling Against Bank

NEW YORK (CBS/AP) — A federal judge imposed a $1.3 billion civil penalty against Bank of America on Wednesday for its role in selling risky mortgages to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac that were advertised as safe investments. 375 more words