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Explaining MGTOW to Vegan 101 and Felisha

Vegan 101 has been leaving some word-salad anti-MGTOW comments on a bunch of MGTOW videos, like this one from lb1000110. In “conversation” with him and Felisha, I responded to a comment Felisha made about MGTOW confusing gold-diggers and anti-feminists. 197 more words


Emasculating fun

Whenever I go shopping, I see men with their significant others. These men are following their ladies around looking so pathetic holding shopping bags, going to stores they obviously don’t want to be in. 227 more words


Hello Faggots, Lets begin

Well faggots are you ready to begin being dominated? Turned into my cash cows, paying for my bills, and buying me awesome gifts? Do you wanna see my 8″ cock? 7 more words

Porn actress Barbii Bucxxx AKA Hannah Crofts and sidekick Lady-K are financial dominatrices who instruct weirdos in Scotland to show up ATM machines to fork over cash...for thrills...with NO sex involved

Daily Record: PORN star Barbii Bucxxx and pal Lady-K instruct Scottish customers to turn up at cash points then hand over fistfuls of cash.

A PORN star is meeting men at cash machines up and down the country to hit men where it hurts – their wallets. 33 more words


Hello Faggots

Its time for you faggots to start tributing me and becoming my perfect faggots. I will start selling my worn cum-stained underwear soon. But you faggots better pay good for them otherwise I will be dissapointed.